Geomantic: Boss office enrols money 8 laws

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Geomantic, it is the person lives with its the knowledge that the environment concerns. Come from external environment say, by outside gas, inside enrage two parts to comprise, geomantic adjust should reflect it is with the person this principle, achieve person and natural harmony to get along to be the purpose that I use with the environment. According to geomantic it is with the person this principle, geomantic the pattern after adjusting is not machine-made mode absolutely, however of because of the person different. So, according to what kind of standard should the geomantic layout of boss office undertake? The following all can offer do a reference.

Avoid to rush evil spirit. The office building that the office is in if ahead has a the highroad to be passed directly, or horn greets the door or chimney of pole, transformer, opium, architectural needle greets a window to make make " strong evil spirit " . If this office building and " strong evil spirit " apart is very far, prevent hinder not quite, nevertheless, for restful for the purpose of, still need to go up inside the window gauze curtain is overspread or with wind to hydrate evil spirit lens is dissolved.

Choose good neighbour. Geomantic theory thinks, environmental field has direct force to human body field. The office building that the office is in should avoid to wait in cloister, jail as far as possible around.

It is a center with me. Geomantic in a word cries " hill annulus water holds affection " , can regarding tall building is hill, regarding road and crossroads is water, hill and water want bodyguard to be beside my all round, the rosefinch before forming, hind of Xuan Wu, Zun Qinglong, right Bai Hu go up beautiful is geomantic pattern. In other words, it is the Lou Yu in front wants a few further, a few lower; The building from the back wants nearly a few a few taller; Left has river water or wagon flow relatively the road of delay; The building of right does not exceed the height of the building that he is in, if oneself are located building dish before the lake face that have park, lawn or calms, so here should is windward sailed upstream.

Tibetan wind gets together gas. The boss' office had better be apartment, outer room is set civil member. Outer room wants small, 1/3 what occupy whole office area, and inside should occupy 2/3. Outer room setting waits, so that get together,the person is enraged. The door that the wall intermediate thes external world inside does not set centrally place, and the near side that should be set in integral office introduction to be in. Prevent the straight discharge that indoor money enrages the boss, form " music has affection " geomantic pattern. Outer room article member on the wall of the room, the enterprise operates drawing board, flow chart to wait, have an intuitionistic understanding to the enterprise to the guest, facilitate next the communication with the boss. Civil member indoor flowerpot, scene should many somes, protection is indoor airy is fresh, make the guest has cheerful feeling. The among wall body between inside and outside is unfavorable with transparent glass, and should close of the effect, produce the atmosphere effect of a kind of mysterious reservation.
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