The design that passes color will change geomantic

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Of color allocate, must have exquisite, color is very influential to function of human body physiology, because we see is all sorts of color every day, allocate reasonably can make person heart cheerful, the life is happy, the job is efficient. But the color that allocates likewise is not right everybody can produce body and mind the effect with cheerful, happy life, the color of the avoid of person happy event that wants put in order of because of the person different, different lot is different.

Will because be opposite,have a lot of people for years the curiosity of color, lack professional guidance to fall again, careless and tie-in color, cause a family to be on bad terms, all things are not suitable. The family is inanimate, too much and too much, really pitiful, divorce in recent years especially ratio is astonishing, this and indoor color are maladjusted with indoor decorate inadvisable about. The individual character that also has children is unusual, do family even fowls and dogs are not left in peace, dissocial disease. Of irratable disease very much also, the law that my general experiences personally today is expatiatory as follows:   

In the home all blue-black, time is long, virtually of the meeting in the home produces shade to enrage heavy, each natural disposition is inactive, also owe inside the home restful.   

Purple of the paint in the home is much person, although can say,be violet gas full chamber is sweet, some gules series are taken the place of in purple regrettablly, the popular feeling that the lubricious feeling; that virtually gives out dazzling makes easily reside the home has one to plant but feeling.   

The Qi Fengong in the home is lubricious person, most big fierce color, pink make popular feeling affection easily irratable, easy happening quarrel, contend for dispute, affray thing frequent; Especially newlywed, to adjust the atmosphere in boudoir, looking in people look have Luo Mandi overcome extremely, but, what move as color is discordant, cross after of period of time, circumstances of two popular feeling can arise indescribable internal heat, make a noise easily for sesame seed bagatelle endlessly, most after is on a divorce do not put in a road 's charge, the social divorce now leads this Mo breathtaking, this element also occupied very large proportion, so, stylist people should notice, had better not use this kind, this kind tonal also can cause neuropathic.  

Green of the lacquer in the home is much person, also be volition of the person that can make reside the home gradually dejected, be not what what say commonly, the eye should receive green more, in fact, green is the green that points to nature, person of and rather than allocates green for it, so, hard to avoid can be caused indoor inanimate, not spunky.   

The red in the home is much person, the Chinese always thinks red is lucky color, but Korea uses gules cloth delegate in home of consuetudinary the dead, these lives that are a person only are consuetudinary just, but gules series is much person, make the burden of person eye overweight, and make the person's mood easy and irratable, so, gules but the little part as collocation is tonal, cannot do those who give priority to a problem is tonal, but Buddha cloister eaves criterion with live and different.   
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