Company optional location: How to choose appropriate office building

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In recent years, beijing estate market is unusually fervent, unplug ceaselessly from inside the city the ground and the high-rise that rise and blot out the sky and cover up the earth the estate advertisement that nowhere is absent sees one spot. Especially office building project, be located in flourishing a sector of an area more, or topping lofty or outward appearance are novel and distinctive, become each distinctive in urban ferroconcrete forest scenery.
On one hand, economy grows quickly, macroeconomic form is valued, each industry shows ascendant trend more, the office building demand that stems from for private use is increasing. Be in especially this media is unusual develop, the times of high informatization, the image brand of the enterprise packs the strong roll booster that becomes growth of creation of company production value, business. This makes each company is willing to cost a good deal of capital for office place.

On the other hand, investment estate already became the shortcut of money creation and repartition. And investing a bound " the residence is copper, business shop is silver-colored, office building is gold " view, also make of all kinds capital right eye covetously of office building market, contend for then enter, more fry heated up office building market.

Right 2008 the limitation of estate construction, more make office building project appears nearly two years supply a height. If why choose to suit the project of enterprise oneself in numerous office building, put forward the requirement of capital cost not only, it is the important matter of the development that matters to company future more. The company leads the optional location method of sudden crank type to cannot be taken apparently previously, what how challenge a gender in this is decision-making in occupy first machine? Let assayer of our elder office building tell you, what the respect inspects an office building from what is good with bad, benefit and fraud, how to choose to suit the office place that him company grows. Believe these are mixed to induce by elaborate summary the method that come out will be right direct action arrives since company optional location and investment.

The position is crucial, policy hurried appreciates

Value of respecting a sector of an area, of landed bound " a sector of an area " theory is actually in application of office building market more deep. Everybody is talking each big trade group, a mature trade group can have resource of all ready municipal infrastructure, commerce and business affairs form a complete set, more mean talent, technology, information and capital concentrated. Orgnaization of ZhongGuanCun education, scientific research gathers, offerred outstanding manpower resource and advanced technical support to enter an enterprise. Of course, value of a sector of an area is high, the optional location cost of the enterprise also will raise.

The situation of good liaison man and gold seems is the relation of fish and bear's paw. The stand or fall of traffic situation affects the business affairs cost of the enterprise directly, with employee connect diligent cost and office efficiency, meet those who affect pair of business opportunities hold even. Urban center embraces central traffic situation to already became enterprise and employee the most painful the thing that ache. Multidimensional traffic system should be the handiest and feasible method that improves traffic situation, this is why the project with increasing orbit easy communication in the market increasingly welcome reason.
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