70 million buy Zhejiang be insatiable of strategy of capital of share of Hai Wei

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And lift a card to buy again and again retail appear on the market the company is same, zhejiang plute Shen Guojun also is directing the asset that a free and easy rises and fall to deal with to make fun of greatly in estate domain.

Ending of this big play was announced on September 12. Be in this day, yin Tai accuses an Inc. (silver-colored peaceful share, 600683.SH) release announcement, buy Zhejiang Hai Wei to accuse a limited company with 37 million yuan (next weighing ” of “ Zhejiang Hai Wei) the Hangzhou Hai Wei estate of hold develops limited company (next weighing ” of “ Hangzhou Hai Wei) 37% equity. After finishing, silver-colored peaceful share will become the biggest partner of Hai Wei, participate in the development of project of ” of international of Hai Wei of the “ below its banner to build. And besides paying 37 million yuan cost, silver-colored peaceful share returns the shareholder borrow or lend money that will offer remaining sum not to exceed 160 million yuan to Hangzhou Hai Wei to be built in order to support follow-up development.

With this synchronism, limited company of management of investment of silver-colored peaceful of the Hangzhou below Shen Guojun banner with holding limited company of group of house property of couplet of Zhejiang short for Zhejiang Province 33 million yuan some Hangzhou the equity of 33% brings into Hai Wei in bursa.

After this equity is made over, zhejiang Hai Wei returns hold Hai Wei the rest of 30% equity. Meanwhile, silver-colored peaceful share still is stopped what to Shen Guojun the banner issues company Yin Tai general merchandise one to sell commercial property is second reading.

The asset that changes again and again deals with

The desire with silver-colored peaceful first stock is to buy Hangzhou Hai Wei solely.

Accuse a house property of the couplet that reach short for Zhejiang Province to sign according to share of silver-colored on July 31 peaceful and Hai Wei " equity makes over an agreement " , silver-colored peaceful share will buy Hai Wei 70 million yuan to accuse with add up to, house property of couplet of short for Zhejiang Province holds some Hangzhou respectively Hai Wei 37% , the equity of 33% .

But the silver-colored peaceful share that held on August 17 temporarily on shareholder plenary meeting, did not delimit according to original work out a scheme second reading to buying equity of Hangzhou Hai Wei undertake deliberative.

Did not refer at the same time discuss what still general merchandise of Xiang Yintai of silver-colored peaceful share sells property of China couplet commerce is second reading.

The Jiang Sha market of peaceful wave city that silver-colored peaceful share drafts formerly to will be had ground floor of a building reachs 23 China couplet 5 business city of Fang Jining wave takes the sea-voyage eastward ground floor of edifice of 55 China couplet extremely 6.
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