70 million buy Zhejiang be insatiable of strategy of capital of share of Hai Wei

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Second reading to two did not refer discuss, the explanation that silver-colored peaceful share gives out is, “ basis superintends sectional opinion, afore-mentioned equity are bought and asset sells correlation trades matters concerned still waits for examine and verify. ”

And after deferring a month, silver-colored peaceful share will buy one divides into two finally, and break down sells.

To why by buy solely turn into together Hangzhou Yin Tai is bought jointly, relevant personage introduces silver-colored peaceful share, bought 70% equity to be gotten accuse a position absolutely, belong to major item, need to pass the examine and verify of concerned branch, go up in accountant processing must ” of “ amalgamative forms for reporting statistics. And buy through tearing apart, because the company obtains 37% equity only, can the program of examine and verify related avoid, accelerate buy executive plan.

Nevertheless, the country believes negotiable securities analyst to point out, the most logical explanation should be, shen Guojun wants to make his wholy-owned accuse Hangzhou Yin Tai shares Hai Wei this fat.

Shareholder plenary meeting is done not have before discuss in time what buy and sell asset is second reading, the in-house interest that also basically is Shen Guojun actually is divided up uncertain.

And sell China couplet edifice to stopping, the explanation that silver-colored peaceful share gives out is, the follow-up timeline that consultative both sides cannot trade and trade price change reachs unanimous opinion.

And negotiable securities analyst thinks, stop sell China couplet edifice probable it is the doubt that is concerned branch and partner. A so good in peaceful wave downtown mature business is landed, appreciation space is very large.

Look into the distance is directional add hair

So far, afore-mentioned asset deal with be end.

Although reduced the equity scale that buys Hai Wei, but stop made over China couplet edifice to receive 400 million much true gold silver less. And build ” of international of “ Hai Wei to need to throw cost only 754.8 million yuan of capital (2.04 billion ×37% ) , plan so, directional add hair it seems that imperative.

The personage that is close to silver-colored peaceful share also points out, press Shen Guojun's train of thought, do do Jiang Yintai estate greatly, make Yin Tai's landed brand, optimal choice is to use share of very silver-colored peaceful this capital platform.

“ adds the thing that sending should be success will come when conditions are ripe, from where does the cost that throws otherwise come? ” analyses a personage to point out.

According to relevant data, end 2007 metaphase, the monetary fund of silver-colored peaceful share is 212 million yuan only.

Nevertheless, of silver-colored peaceful share directional add hair sufferred many doubt however.
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