70 million buy Zhejiang be insatiable of strategy of capital of share of Hai Wei

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On July 13, silver-colored peaceful share casts an one portion company to add hair do not exceed 220 million, prepare market fund to make an appointment with 1.6 billion yuan plan. With its he appears on the market of the company add hair plan to differ, finance of silver-colored peaceful share is cast to 4 preparation pick the land that hang.

As we have learned, directional add send the plot that be aimed at to be auctioned in lunar base. And after taking the ground, silver-colored peaceful share is met very quickly will directional add hair beforehand case refer card inspect joint hearing to discuss.

“ books formerly add offer case to be less than 8 yuan, and present stock price will pass card inspect very hard too high to be able to be approved, did to sell mansion of China couplet business is mixed so buy Hai Wei incident, hit stock price with respect to the hope and horizontal dish, await card inspect to be able to be approved add hair is second reading. ” analyses a personage to be judged so.

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