Intermediate quantity: Hire of Shanghai office building went up 3 years half

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Yesterday, the whole world intermediate quantity couplet releases one of firms of adviser of 5 big estate all right market of estate of 3 quarters Shanghai reviews “ ” report says, 3 quarters, average rent achieves Shanghai office building 8.4 yuan / square metre / day, rose first quarter than going up 2.3% , with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year rose 11.3% , before comparing 3 years, rose 52.4% . What form bright contrast with this is, the office building hire of Beijing had not gone up two years continuously, 70% what current office building hire is Shanghai only.

The respect is led in empty buy, the rate of office building empty buy of Shanghai lasts refresh history is new low. The rate of office building empty buy of 3 quarters Shanghai is only 1.6% , with on 2.6% photographs of the quarter are compared, dropped considerably again a percent.

The center of Shanghai round-the-world banking that suffers market attention fully already the structure seals a top, the office building market that can give Shanghai brings to supply a height. “ is current, the owner of office building of Pudong first class is having taller expectation to hiring hire beforehand. As coming add newly supply a height, we need to pay close attention to tenement closely to whether still be willing to be hired beforehand with same price. Gudong Buddhist nun expresses president of Shanghai of travel of couplet of ” intermediate quantity.

First class office building appears on the market to be inducted quickly, situation of this one demand makes office building of Shanghai first class rent on average rate achieve 98.4% . And in Beijing and Guangzhou and other places, the circumstance is widely divergent. As driving as Shanghai hire increase rate and high rental rate are different, the office building hire of Beijing and Guangzhou appears sluggish goes up, 70% what at present the office building hire of Beijing is Shanghai only.

Intermediate measures the newest data that couplet releases all right to show, the office building hire of Beijing has been had no two years continuously rise. Shanghai office building hire rose 2006 17% , 2007 up to now till rose 13% . And the office building hire 2006 does not have Beijing not only rise, dropped instead 3% , and 2007 up to now till, growth rate is 0.

Intermediate measures couplet travel Shanghai to study the ministry is in charge of He Enkai to express, the supply that the reason that causes this one phenomenon is Beijing is compared relatively big. At present Beijing still has the office building of 5 million square metre to put a quantity, shanghai is only 3 million square metre. Nevertheless, occupy He Enkai to predict, beijing is after the Olympic Games the supply of the market speed can chase decrescent delay, and Shanghai arrived to there can be a larger supply 2008 2007.

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