Intermediate quantity: Hire of Shanghai office building went up 3 years half

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Notable is, the content of mature area sheds garden area, although establishment compares other area stale, but hire rises rate is rapidder. Gao Qiao and northwest content shed garden area to be beyond exemple, 3 quarters, the hire annulus of area of garden of two content shedding is achieved respectively than growing 3.8% , 4.5% .

Current, development of Shanghai industry real estate is swift and violent. Intermediate measures couplet to express all right, to the development business of active dilate, the development plan of content shedding project is too slow, accordingly, increasing the means that comes from abroad industrial real estate to develop business to begin to choose to buy content to shed garden area directly comes market of race to control.

It is reported, go up quarter, australian Goodmann(fine civilian) invest with the Maple-tree(Feng Shu of Singapore) bought a 47 thousand square metre and the storehouse of a 50 thousand square metre in northwest industry garden respectively.

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