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Although area of business affairs of 3 big core also has many new projects to appear on the market permissibly, but add newly supply layout extensive to change a trend farther apparent, those who exceed 60% is new add supply be located in beyond 3 large area. Area of business affairs of 3 big core is added newly supply the golden vessel edifice that basically includes financial market, Hang Yu edifice, the project such as the ocean brilliance center of CBD, new appear on the market permissibly the quantity is in above of 50 thousand square metre; Outside De Sheng door, outside stable door, the Ma Liandao, area such as 3 lis of collect also appeared the amount of office building body such as residence of Edinburgh of center of trade of tea of center of center of De Shengguo border, emperor city international, century and rich force is larger, individual eye to the limit of one's capacity also exceeds 50 thousand square metre.

The market that rent still exuberant

Add supply newly to warm up somewhat as near future office building, office building rises in price wind comes over quickly, 3 quarters whole town in all join the gang of project of 13 office building, much concentration is in east 2 annulus and CBD area, if China is red street, day yuan of harbor international center, golden ground center is center of money of A ridgepole, century, smooth big international center, etc, pull on certain level rose empty buy of whole of whole town office building to lead a level. However the grow in quantity as a result of to the limit of one's capacity of first class office building, also pull rose integral rent index dish face, among them day yuan of harbor center, golden ground center A ridgepole high grade case hire all breaks through 30 dollars / month of square metre · .

Of the active patulous, new company of domestic large company hold water and foreign enterprise enter quickly, beijing office building hires Wu market demand to keep active. First half of the year, domestic IT and financial service industry continue to act as the force propping up on the office building market that rent, the enterprise such as vogue of advertisement medium, recreation also continues active; The financial insurance company outside the condition continues to act as main body of the market that rent, other industry business also is being quickened enter. Day of trade of the China trade center of CBD area, silver-colored peaceful center, world rank, edifice of ocean international center, triumphant heart, the center of Ying La international of financial market, edifice of electron of the center of information of branch of be in harmony of ZhongGuanCun, China all new big client is garrisoned. Add newly as a result of this kind what supply effectively is finite and of demand of the market that rent active, hire of market of office building of Beijing first class and empty buy rate still maintain relative stability.

Sale market pressure is not great

The second half of the year that offers all right according to Dai Deliang is new supply analysis of list of office building project to think office building of the fourth quarter sells market pressure not big.
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