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The office building of new in August open quotation has emperor yuan the project such as the center, international that collect be in harmony, prices of office building sale is exuberant; The project of heat office building such as center of center of subject business affairs, international finance and economics sells prices to warm up once more, clinch a deal respectively 5375.36, 1252.55 square metre, hopeful of city price index is broken through up after.

In office building of join the gang of Beijing of second half of the year, edifice of F1 of market of center of international of sunny square, beautiful country, banking, Yin Taizhong heart east sell the project such as the building is whole already; And center of international of center of glorious international center, century money center, China trade center, smooth big international, golden ground center, Beijing 3, edifice of life of person of the people's livelihood, medium collecting the project such as the edifice is hold rental; The ocean international center that remain, day yuan protect the project such as benefit edifice harbor center, Oriental Meideya, newly to hire carry out to develop simultaneously; Resembling international of brilliance of the 5th square, ocean is the project that hopes to rectify carry out. Will look by above circumstance, major second half of the year sells into the project or that be stationed in is whole, or enters the market that rent directly, center to the limit of one's capacity and won't bring very great pressure to market of office building sale.

Prospective development lasts to good

Because the abidance of macroscopical economy has gone and the RMB appreciates accelerate, hopeful of demand of market of office building of Beijing of the fourth quarter continues to maintain outspread impetus. Although be faced with the inhibition of the arrival that supplies fastigium and ” of demand of “ foreign capital, but the for private use that gives priority to body with domestic banking insurance device and large state-owend enterprise and investment demand hopeful continue to keep exuberant, beijing office building sells market hopeful to continue to maintain good progress impetus, fall to outspread situation together in supply and demand, those who realize sale price is firm in hasten goes up. First class office building rents the market criterion concentration as a result of the project join the gang may cause certain concussion to integral market, each area office building rents market performance to will quicken differentiation, mature area character matures relative to poorer office building and blame the office building of area may get certain adverse effect.

Additional, in Olympic Games economy drive, market of Beijing office building grows foreground for a long time to will last to good!

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