Century highway is about to do city of finance of Shanghai of Chinese wall stree

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Future of “ century highway will turn ‘ wall street of China into ’ . ” recently, the “ that holds in Shanghai on ” of forum of finance of the 4th China International, feng Guoqin of standing deputy mayor discloses Shanghai, century highway two side will be the key area that Pudong new developed area builds next, a negotiable securities, futures and other finance are built to derive near the century park that Shanghai government is considering one aspect of the matter of alive discipline highway article trade center, the echo of photograph of area of land home mouth that is a mark with commercial bank group with century highway other one aspect of the matter.

It is reported, at present place of start of alive discipline highway has Shanghai stock exchange, along the line stands by century park direction to exchange of futures of finance of Shanghai futures exchange, China waits for an orgnaization, the financial orgnaization such as silver-colored couplet of bureau of Shanghai silver-colored inspect, China also begins to gather to century park, future still will have Shanghai finance accuse the orgnaization settle such as the new fund such as a group, safe, negotiable securities in succession.

And the future of century highway, be division of banking of mouth of home of small land of benefit from benefit from (in the center of land home mouth greenbelt all around, the road austral Pudong of — of the road in silver-colored city of Dong Changlu — ) be about to east enlarge.

East enlarge strategy

The reporter is in what the end of the year came on stage last year " division of function of core of Shanghai Pudong finance develops “ 915 ” plan " (next weighing " program " ) be pleasant to the eye, ” of city of finance of mouth of “ land home already put forward first in this program this one concept. Basis " plan " , on the foundation of division of trade of banking of Home Xiaoliu mouth, ” of “ finance city will expand eastwards, the function that removes city of similar London finance is loaded to locate in future.

Area of land home mouth already became Shanghai to attract financial orgnaization settle at present most centralized place, according to not complete count, at present already orgnaization of more than 390 finance enters mouth of the home that be stationed in land. Of clearly is, in the instantly with orgnaization of be in harmony of capital of China and foreign countries and thick as hail market of of all kinds element, circumference only the division of trade of banking of land home mouth of 1.7 square kilometer already was close to saturation. Inside numerous course of study accordingly the personage looks, eastwards outspread, this is the newest requirement that after city of finance of land home mouth upgrades ceaselessly, puts forward.

Intermediate quantity couplet goes a Shanghai exceeds findings report of first class office building to point out, since 1999 Shanghai banking banking is opposite of office building add demand newly to be 485 thousand square metre. And there are many 300 finance, bank and insurance in tenement of office building of area of land home mouth relevant enterprise, other industry is opposite apparent prep above the demand of here area office building.
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