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And, the finance in tenement of area of land home mouth serves kind rented an area on average to already exceeded those who be based on Shanghai average scale to anticipate greatly. Although be occupied only in all tenement amount,finance serves kind of enterprise 34% , but 43% what the office area of its hire occupies an area however. And " 915 ” of “ of Pudong new developed area plan " in put forward, the financial orgnaization that to 2010 land home mouth wants to accommodate 600 above is entered halt, the land home mouth of this pair of already opposite saturation can produce quite great pressure necessarily.

In very little earth the area of land home mouth of very little gold, the state that office building demands exceeds supply has become a bottleneck that city of finance of mouth of home of land of Pudong new developed area develops. In fact, in government of Pudong new developed area east before enlarge strategy is announced, the orgnaization of the finance that cross a country that has eye partly already took the lead in him deploy east enlarge strategy.

Last year the end of the year, broken bits hits bank afterwards 40 million dollar obtains land home mouth to be in after building project coronal name to counterpoise, announce to reach change of logistics department door again division of trade of Pudong bamboo garden. Personage of know the inside story discloses, collect abundant bank, East Asia bank to move logistics department door likely Xiangyan to give birth to area this year.

A 3 areas

Area of mouth of “ Home Xiaoliu east the limits that enlarge go ahead of the rest starts is the road austral Pudong certainly to the south of, century highway with highway of north, Pudong with south, Lao Shanxi road with the plot on the west. Service of banking of new developed area of ” Shanghai Pudong does director assistant Dr. Cao sunlighting to say, the plot of enlarge basically is used east build business to use office building and establishment of form a complete set, in order to do ” of city of finance of “ of mouth of size land home.

Cao Yu tells a reporter, city of finance of land home mouth east enlarge plan will form “ area of culture of zoology of division of trade of division of trade of banking of mouth of home of highway of ”(century of a 3 areas, land, Zhu Yuan, flowers and trees) development layout. ’ of “‘ finance city will be the ground of the assemble of market of element of orgnaization of of all kinds finance, finance, but an analogy that is pair of core function layout only, actually it and active canton delimit and do not have direct connection. ”

“ east after enlarge, we still plan to advance the ’ of ‘ Lian Lang between Lou Yu to build, strengthen the interconnection between Lou Yu, rise to already had the utilization rate of office area, make it more convenience and can accommodate more people, promote whole effectiveness and function. ” Cao Yu discloses, it is in the future inside area of ” of “ finance city, the government still can be carried out a series of special policy, or NGO(of have the aid of blame government is organized) drive each job.
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