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Development of Shanghai Pudong new developed area plans Liu Ji of bureau deputy director general to divulge, the limits that “ starts besides go ahead of the rest, 3 regional centers such as bridge of the flowers and trees that the financial wall space of land home mouth still will build the Pudong that gives priority to with administration, culture, commerce, foreign short for the Jinghe River, pond, perfect bank river, couplet is foreign two internationalization community, extend CBD of Home Xiaoliu mouth to develop a space. ”

And afore-mentioned " program " return exposure, in the strategy that into international top-ranking, intelligence changes office building to be the area of the business affairs central of the mark will making Pudong plan henceforth, garden of bank card industry and area of garden of financial Information Industry also will with echo each other at a distance of ” of city of finance of mouth of “ land home, form around linkage pattern. At the appointed time Zhang Jiang area inducts exert oneself center of domestic and international data processing, credit card center, software develop a center, become Shanghai finance to assist important assemble area of the industry.

The 2 class of “ that the ” of city of finance of mouth of “ land home that latent capacity hides will be center of Shanghai international banking jump ” obligate jumps litre of space capaciously. And the development space that enlarges financial city further, also offer the development that is the enterprise inside functional area more orderly, perfect hardware environment.

Hire goes tall

Come from DTZ Dai Deliang to go newest research data shows office building ministry, bright hind two years, anticipate mouth area still will have land home to supply to the limit of one's capacity continuously, this one trend will continue to 2010. At the appointed time the office building supply of land home mouth will achieve 1 million square metre.

Clean of Shenyang of ministry assistant director tells office building of Dai Deliang travel the reporter, from the point of specific project, zhu Yuan board piece average rent already achieved ” of medium center of international of city building of “ of ground mark project 0.8 dollars / day / square metre. At present rental rate is achieved 85% , international client scale is as high as 90% , 500 strong companies of much home world are entered halt.

And 2000 when bamboo garden office building is average hire just 0.4 dollars of 0.3 ~ / day / square metre, “ two years ago, the office building project of century highway along the line has not been developed in great quantities, tenement to Zhu Yuan board piece acknowledge is spent still is not very tall. ” Shen Jie says.

“ but the hire level twice of bamboo garden office building grows now, average rent achieved 0.6 ~ 0.8 dollars / day / square metre. The hire of center of city building international is apparent prep above is the same as area, already achieved the coequal level ” of office building of first class of Home Xiaoliu mouth, shen Jie expresses, “ predicts this year Zhu Yuan board piece office building every square metre day hire will be impendent 1 dollar closes greatly. ”
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