Century highway is about to do city of finance of Shanghai of Chinese wall stree

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According to reporter understanding, this year the end of the year only Zhu Yuan board piece already consign and be about to the office building of consign has in build center of banking of international of edifice He Changtai; Edifice of edifice, abundant grand business affairs is built to wait in, aggregate the first class business that adds division of trade of the garden that it is bamboo newly 20 more than square metre does a project to supply; Build in succession still have and Huang Shiji is cosmopolitan, royal international banking center and the Oriental finance square that the last ten-day of a month already began construction in August.

Nevertheless, in Liu Chengjian of general manager of company of sale of astral group estate (guest of Liu Chengjian rich, liu Chengjian news, liu Chengjian says) think, if “ pays attention to the fixed position of its banking division too in the process that Home Xiaoliu mouth is developing, also can cause the lack of form a complete set of commerce, life, consequently mouth of with respect to this bit Home Yan Xiaoliu returns existence bottleneck ” now.

Look in him, the business affairs area that the structure of a successful CBD matchs to be centered than should including, financial service division, shopping centre, life is service division, high-grade uptown. What at present land home mouth needs “ is to optimize structural configuration further. Be like the road austral Pudong highway, century highway and Pudong along circumjacent main road, come according to node disperse the internal heat with sudorifics develops, build use at establishment of meal, recreational, form new scale. ”

According to Liu Chengjian's judgement, as Home Xiaoliu mouth east enlarge, business the ground will be more nervous, accordingly the price of office building of this one area will still rise, and of increasing population swarm into also will drive residential product surely, the when the river rises the boat goes up too of the whole even market that rent.

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