The residence bans business power to show sales volume of Beijing office buildin

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The effect of “ policy shows need proper time. Market demand amplitude is gently July, 8, demand of market of two 9 month just begins to grew standardized form to show this substantially. ” market analyses a personage to express.

“ prohibits civilian curtilage after business is used, most enterprise often can choose the second class office building with hire lower level. Because because suffer the limitation of the respect such as actual strength of industry characteristic, capital,be in the company that handles official bussiness inside the residence, do not need the office place of large area commonly. Guo Wei expresses vice president of division of ”Lansing Investment China.

Of ZhongGuanCun area new in close and triode the sale status of two projects also confirmed this. The sale area of both 6-10 month is mixed for 3559.49 square metre respectively 1158.64 square metre, the sale area that compares 1-5 month grew respectively 34% with 29.9% . And suffer civilian the influence that bans trade policy to carry out curtilage, large quantities of small and medium sized business that handle official bussiness in the residence will change goes. Similar ZhongGuanCun the office building that this kind of small business handles official bussiness encircles the first selection that becoming many small and medium sized business to move relative to more business.

In addition, market of first class office building appears smooth small growth posture. Department director Chen Wenhan is opposite office building of Dai Deliang travel the analysis of market of office building of first class of the 3rd quarter, also evidence this one viewpoint. Chen Wenhan expresses, be sold the influence with active market first half of the year, development business increases price in succession. Office building of first class of Beijing of the 3rd quarter quotes on average continue raise, achieve 21.081 yuan / building square metre, grow 6.2% first quarter than going up.

In light of the trade group that distributings from first class office building, the project that office building of CBD trade group can make work inside whole area is not much, and most project adopts full carry out. SOHO is reached like 10 thousand centers inside area still sale area all puts delay somewhat first quarter in this, integral price maintains smooth posture. Deepen as what money market opens degree, the first class office building that trader of market of banking of the 3rd quarter encircles is become the most apparent in the market induct force, integral price has certain amplitude.

Blowout of 7 years of 2 quarters

The effect that first quarter after “ residence bans business ” brings to office building already saw effect first. Future, be opposite especially to office building market intermediate whether can the demand of office building continue all the way the focal place that tall look forward to becomes building city to just pay close attention to each.
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