The residence bans business power to show sales volume of Beijing office buildin

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For this, market of office building of a long-term attention goes the personage inside the course of study of situation expresses to the reporter, although the demand that “ residence bans business ” to bring office building the market first quarter in this already was shown, but the influence that policy place brings remains the same finite. Controlled October this year, when a large number of medium and small businesses are faced with a yearly check, the market demand that this one policy brings to office building market can appear again the height of to the limit of one's capacity of ” of “ blowout type.

The company that whether can prohibit been register to this policy continues to handle official bussiness in the commercial building. An industry employer conveyed his view so. “ government stays superabundant ground when carrying out this policy, the enterprise that has registered evicts a commercial building impossibly entirely. Beijing field has a lot of now such project, if all enterprises cannot be inside,handle official bussiness. Empty buy gives the building of large area to should be like where to manage, be sure meeting generation gives more problems at the appointed time. ”

A data that monitor shows, the supply of market of ” of “ commercial building that at present Beijing project approving designs office building for the residence is as high as 200 much square metre, among them, add business newly this year to live the project exceeds 700 thousand square metre. The empty buy problem that if why handle the commercial building with huge amount to be in,is faced with, became a difficult problem that is placed before the government. As we have learned, in industrial and commercial bureau 14 bans come on stage hind, the enterprise can register director branch to apply for building utility change to the building, did not break up the business that sells property right to live the project can fill hand in gold of land sell one's own things to change office building, change of will existing “ residence ” uses ” for “ business, can give conduction hair is illuminated. Apparent, the government stays enough time lets transition of ” of “ commercial building.

But the personage inside more course of study thinks, government already public proclamation prohibits handling official bussiness curtilage, this will be a trend that future develops. When “ is choosing office building at the outset, can susceptive limits is a price control is in 15000 yuan / square metre less than, hire does not exceed 5 yuan / day · square metre, area between 200 square metre of 100 ~ . Had appeared on the market at present a few I can susceptive office building. Besides moves office building from the commercial building, the figure of the company is met a class. ”One already moved the company into ZhongGuanCun Mr Wang of some office building expresses to the reporter, his friend also holds similar view with him mostly.
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