Shenzhen office building 3 quarters clinch a deal drop on the low side of invest

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Before this year two quarters, market of Shenzhen office building appears the posture of the Qi Sheng that measure valence, office building market clinchs a deal active.

Data shows first half of the year, shenzhen is secondhand office building price rises even more 7 into, clinch a deal the area also is increasing ceaselessly, the market that rent is relatively quiet. Wave motion of hire of Shenzhen office building is very small first half of the year, hire keeps smooth. Because the price rises quickly,cause the on the low side of investment return rate of Shenzhen office building, the investment return rate first half of the year is in 5% the left and right sides.

Office building clinchs a deal drop

Shenzhen office building begins to enter wait-and-see period, enter 3 quarters, each intermediary company already clinch a deal to decrease, the market is smaller fan. The couplet that occupy the United States clinchs a deal data shows: August Shenzhen is secondhand office building clinchs a deal the area issues defeat quickly, annulus evens more than dropping 7 into; And became friendship condition to glide once more September, annulus drops once more than August 2 into. And the office building market that rent has clear ascendant trend: The situation that rent is opposite one, 2 season had apparent rise, clinch a deal area annulus is closer than rising 3 into, hire price also has rise certainly.

Office building is rented warm up

The author forecasts market of office building of the fourth quarter to will still maintain wait-and-see mood thick reach clinch a deal low confused condition, and the market that rent is active, hire will appear fill go up.

Above all, demand of the market that rent is exuberant. Value of office building market is high a few days ago look forward to, investment cost rises, and room of “ Central Bank is borrowed new politics ” raises investment doorsill once more. More clients can get lost the market that rent, this offerred many demand to rent the market.

Next, wait as the edifice of century of new Pan Jinyun July flow into secondhand the market, for market infuse dish of new source; In the meantime, the big environment that develops steadily quickly maintains to fall in Shenzhen economy, investment objective still maintains confidence to Shenzhen market, much investment stranger does not wish to cast the property in skill and turn for long-term investment, cast property to the market that rent, this also will be offerred to rent the market many dish of source. Additional, in the market wait-and-see mood is thick, clinch a deal below difficult situation, more intermediary companies can put centre of gravity in the market that rent, this will become the market that rent active another aid thrust. In this a series of elements affect next authors to think: In the fourth quarter, vivid jerk of the market that rent will promote somewhat, hire will fill continuously go up.

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