Estate collective yesterday " diving " expert proposal near future wants evasive

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Shanghai is deep yesterday two city are swelled drop each other shows, shanghai points to weight waits in electric power of Chinese petrifaction, the Yangtse River and Chinese UniCom pull move below, innovate again tall; And because deep city is landed a weight is greater, the estate that heads with A of 10 thousand divisions board piece be a burden on of exhausted weak performance become greatly point to. The real estate with bovine towering in former days gas board piece change yesterday strong former days, drop panel height is amounted to 3% , reside each board piece drop a front row. Analytic personage says to be valued for a long time, but near future proposal is evasive.

Grail goes up 126 a little bit greatly yesterday, stood 6000 a little bit to close greatly, miss Zhang however a bit cannot become glad. 35 yuan high price weighs her up to Cang Moke, buy be covered by deepness prison. Through the adjustment of a month, 10 thousand divisions begin suddenly to send force a few days ago, pull litre of perch to 34.89 yuan for a time, the buying cost that leaves Miss Zhang is very adjacent. Miss Zhang sees the dawn that understanding covers eventually, expect earlier stage of breakthrough of take advantage of an opportunity of 10 thousand divisions is new even tall. What receive her however is successional however two days of shade drop, 10 thousand divisions drop to 31 yuan around, if using herself, say “ drops drop a ” before liberating. This landed thinking benefit air vents almost, but she sees newest report, personage of a few analysises says seventeen big ” may publish “ the policy that restrains estate overheat, once affect,she worries about these interest empty newses the stock market, the day that solution covers more not within the foreseeable future.

So right like Miss Zhang landed hind city goes situation is anxiety-ridden is not minority. Yesterday two city only mattress of change development, Lai makes 9 real estate such as A of deep property of course of study, S and new and high development rise, the others a ” of all “ heavy Sha Sheji, go up among them real progress and day achieve buy course of study to drop stop. Landed bibcock is the first in succession drop madly, a of 10 thousand divisions drops 4.93% , the real estate that protect benefit drops 5.50% , golden land group drops 7.12% , financial market falls 4.31% , grain real estate drops in 4.94% .

Base of constant of Chinese Hong Kong produces chairman Li Zhaoji to ever expressed publicly a few days ago, “ after seventeen big ” , the government rolls out new policy likely, the circumstance of superheating of estate of inland of further adjusting control. He appeals investor internally house property of short duration holds wait-and-see attitude, express “ the real estate before seventeen big ” board piece may have adjust. Actually, experience is landed yesterday a ” of collective “ diving later, his forecast already partial come true.
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