Estate collective yesterday " diving " expert proposal near future wants evasive

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Up to on August 29, the estate that already announced half annals appears on the market company in all 73. Statistic shows, these estate appear on the market the company realizes business income in all 436.16 yuan, than last year the corresponding period grows 42.29% ; Realize business profit 9.773 billion yuan, grow 77.46% compared to the same period; Profit of the net that finish 6.774 billion yuan, grow 80.13% compared to the same period. Among them the company that net profit grows extent to exceed 50% compared to the same period achieved 21. The personage inside course of study expresses, because house price rises this year rapid, partial city appeared to soare even, the company that predicts outstanding achievement of second half of the year is added beforehand this year is not little, landed prospective prices still is valued.

But analytic personage points out at the same time, because be in,go for some time, rate of growth of industry of outback house property is too rapid, make a government carry out grand attune measure. Especially seventeen big ” holds “ , estate issue closes the heat topic of social the people's livelihood to be paid close attention to in meeting admiral by height as the thing, at the same time property tax carries the schedule on premise likely also. In view of these elements, the government after seventeen big ” may be opposite “ hand ” is weighed below estate “ , because this is landed a near future should be evasive. But long-term and character, appreciate in asset, below setting of shortage of rigid demand, supply, house price rises the situation is short-term inside change hard. Real-estate industry grows continuously as Chinese economy, future still has enormous development space.

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