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Beijing the high grade and retail property 2007 (include high-grade shopping centers and famous business street) supply will achieve 1.15 million square metre. Distributing in a few main shopping centre, part to be added newly with swallow Sha area outside face among them supply 168 thousand with 269 thousand square metre, outside building with the country trade adds 272 thousand square metre newly, xidan area 115 thousand square metre, zhongGuanCun and financial market area add 89 thousand square metre newly respectively, 150 thousand square metre controls 4 annulus area east.

In the meantime, as a result of foreign capital shopkeeper a large number of entering, the demand of high grade to Beijing retail property rises continuously, but because add the supply of 1.15 million square metre newly, very much high grade and retail property will bear greater pressure. Beijing is high grade and retail 2007 of property induct a quantity to still may be met under add supply newly, integral sky rises buy rate is minor, but hire or meeting maintain mature high grade and retail property to make an appointment with year of increase rate of 10% on average. The hire growth general of store of trade of Oriental new scope of operation, nation goes up whole market, maintain the hire level with top Beijing.

The retail property that adds newly distributings in different area, have traditional trade group already, also have burgeoning shopping centre. Well of government office of Xidan Mall, king is rich in relief square, new 3 lis of collect lie inside traditional trade group, the stream of people that business encircles is to have for certain assure, the key is how to attract a crowd to come in his project, the hire of this kind of property can lift gradually, represent the hire level that is in area. In the meantime, as a result of the trend that residential suburb changes, people needs commercial form a complete set, group of burgeoning area trade is formed gradually. Look at Beijing, east area of 4 annulus, bridge establishing water can have large trade appear 2007, include shopping centers of beautiful Luo Cheng, Woerma to shop square and tomorrow mart, the commerce of area can be in of large trade drive flourish more, hire level will have on original basis bigger rise.

In the high grade and retail property that adds newly, property character reachs management mode to also be put in the difference with vast move. Hire only do not make work to become the mainstream gradually -- , property right is unified, manage company management by seasoned commerce, be like new shopping center of store of project of 3 lis of station, the four seasons, these projects to assure the character of project whole, undertook strict choice to tenement in the process that enrol business, make sure the class of the project and reasonable industry condition are combined. Owner of this category eye can be in early days is ceaseless and devoted, the project matures gradually, hire will be firm in have litre. In the meantime, on the market more it is to come loose the commercial project of carry out, include commerce of office building form a complete set, because industry advantageous position lacks oneness, medicinal powder of carry out project breed period normally longer, the risk that small investor faces in is bigger, the investment in this respect must careful. Hire only do not make work of mode arisen, make medicinal powder the space of carry out project is constrictive with each passing day, its develop leeway to get further keep long in stock, and the risk that investor place is faced with is more unprecedented tremendous.
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