The relation of office building and property

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Expert of former landed office building expresses in, incline to hires more and more high end office building not to make work only, and more and more careful to the filtration of client source. Deepen to the understanding of office building product as the market, the management mode of collection hire begins to get of the market chase after hold in both hands. Development business more apt attracts well-known company to enter halt, because of the enterprise famous degree of whole figure that also will promote a project with figure, establish company brand in more long-term operation course.

And those new office building also see long term the advantage of hold property, the sale that because this was changed,decides formerly even plans. Near future of abundant plain edifice will sell the new office building of east wind road that original plan sells entirely the area decreases to 70 % . This edifice sells chief inspector Zhu Anqing to disclose to the reporter, others will by development business is long term close hire, and the supply of small area scriptorium that because be the same as area,is the same as a type is rare be short of, predicting meeting attracts many individual investor to buy.

Development business chooses hold office building in succession, because be opposite,basically be of prospect of office building market value. The day of abundant plain edifice just invests Shang Yacheng group (Asia) Ling Zhi of president Gu Chuan is accepted in Hong Kong when interviewing, express, compare with the big city photograph such as Beijing, Shanghai, there is the Guangzhou of significant position in Hua Na likewise, office building value is at present relative on the low side, have very big rise a space. Hold similar point of view still have high power international, the analysis that released recently in its says in the report, be in China with Guangzhou house market landed chief position photograph is compared, although the office building of Guangzhou is in had in last few years great year progress, but still have very big inadequacy.

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