All company of a person of extraordinary powers is held " the relation of brand

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The acknowledge that popularizes knowledge to the brand to raise administrator is spent, clear brand construction is in company sale promotion the action that removes, on July 31 all company of a person of extraordinary powers invited Wang Wen of well-known trademark organizer especially nearly 70 controller such as controller of departmental to headquarters room, each area, each project, each brand company are in aged division big assembly room of three-layer of boreal steam edifice undertook " the brand is popularized.

The value of the concept that joined the person that meet to make clear a brand through grooming this, brand, brand is right of the enterprise strategical meaning, rose further all the brand consciousness of controller of a person of extraordinary powers, brand construction and maintenance consciousness increase in daily management and management, collective all a person of extraordinary powers makes the brand other people with Chinese famous mainland be in charge of an enterprise.

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