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In estate market increasingly sensible today, the person that buy a room is right building dish content canal quality takes seriously more and more. By the city such as Guangzhou, Beijing high-grade building dish, office large building, public construction applies the intelligent IC card that takes the lead in using to express imprest fee system, avoided owner from fountainhead between, between owner and property company, the contradiction between owner and branch of supply of gas of water and electricity.

As a result of a variety of reasons, water, report, gas often appears run, risk, phenomenon of drop, leakage, between the owner of for this generation and owner, between owner and property company, the dispute between owner and branch of supply of gas of water and electricity, let develop business very especially in the end of move of department of supply of gas of content canal branch, water and electricity aches. Raise Lou Panzhi to be able to change a level from fountainhead, undoubted meeting avoids to produce this kind of contradiction.

Estate market competition compares the city such as intense Guangzhou, Beijing, just about from raise Lou Panzhi to be able to change a level, reduce the pressure that comes from the market and social contradiction to set out, rate preexistence is certain and high-grade building dish, high-grade office building, public construction is applied in used intelligent IC to block a watch imprest fee system. Wait for well-known building like villa of city of phoenix of garden of laurel of well-known bead eagle large building, green jade, Pearl River dish, the project such as Bai Yun International Airport of Chinese southern airline, Guangzhou, the army such as business school of university of industry of total hospital of headquarters of Guangzhou military region, army, Guangdong, Guangzhou, school, all express imprest fee system through using intelligent IC to get stuck, promoted level of management greatly, promoted grade.
Intelligent IC card advances the success of cost water meter, ammeter, watch burning gas popularizes application, achieved control and managing double effect, the consumptive pattern that reformed follow a few years, use the mode that cost pays after report with water first namely, and the mode that buys the consumption after water buys report with filling a value first replaces. As the person that use, with several be clear at a glance, produce the contradiction on dosage with neighborhood no longer, still accomplished instantaneous control; As controller, solved copy a watch it is trouble of difficult, do accounts, difficult to collect fees wait for a series of headachy difficult problem; As new building dish developer, intelligent IC blocks the application of the watch, work will be perfected, increase sell a dot, promote a brand value; Enrage supply branch as water and electricity, reclaim go ahead of the rest investment, raise administrative efficiency, benefit state interest civilian benefit course of study; If collective consumes a group, intelligent IC blocks the application of the watch, will make controller embarrasses to collect fees no longer, it is apportion bother no longer, save worry save labour, get twice the result with half the effort.
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