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Manage demonstrative residence village according to countrywide property (edifice, industrial district) test standard, guild of management of Guangzhou city property organized expert group by this year June to Guangzhou city 26 of each area demonstrative projects undertook omnibus test, among them Lou Panshun benefit passes the community such as the love Dou Mingxuan of sea bead area " Guangzhou city property manages demonstrative residence village " the test of test expert group, manage guild website in Guangzhou city property fair show.

The numerous building that loving Dou Mingxuan is development of real estate of 100 fine letters dish one of, be located in Dong Xiaona business to encircle, it is collect residence, office building, business uses property the company of SOHO type business at an organic whole group building dish village. Build have the culture square that sea bead area gives priority to a problem first times with young culture community, had held a many You Haizhu area appoint the activity of series culture theme that district government sponsors. Love Dou Mingxuan You Baijia and property company to undertake property management, 100 fine carry out all the time with content canal " the home and · support of the people " service concept, permeate the service to all community each link, management of equipment of safety of system, community, clean afforest, hardware serves to safeguard in property, culture construction and characteristic service respect are index change type of management, flow to operate. This action got Guangzhou city property manages guild speak very highly of and approbate.

And the client with 100 fine landed letters serves all the time since devote oneself to to be for client owner before carry out, carry out whole process offers satisfactory service after medium, carry out, with " manner speed " brand-new all opinions that change consciousness to handle client and owner to put forward and problem, and open uninterrupted service 24 hours hot line and leave a message mailbox, build for owner and content canal all-around tubal bridge.

The client service with 100 fine landed letters and 100 fine with content tubal service formed unifinication integrated service system and communicate a mechanism effectively, offer whole journey type to serve for broad client and owner, customer service and content canal personnel are in service process at any time listen respectfully and admit client owner feedback opinion, efficient solve a problem. As Guangzhou estate development industry matures with each passing day, professional, normative property service already became a building dish what value promotes is strong assure. While owner is enjoying good property to serve, right also him building dish protect a value to appreciate confident.

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