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In estate element of red of the dawn that encircle soup has " belle manager " say, she loves the United States with all young women, those who having a female is exquisite with warmth. But in working, she shows another: Walk along a road to come sole gives birth to wind, speak of a word to come wind wind fire, mention a project astute and outstanding.

The red of development soup dawn that intermediate fills a group 10 years kisses all previous among them. Had seen the drift along that Shanghai estate market comes to 10 years, the competition that she believes prospective real-estate industry develops more to professional management respect, high grade property will become extended hold the joint development direction of business of actual strength development.

During overseas fund enters Shanghai to buy high-end property in succession, actual strength develops business to also begin to adjust the scale that carry out property hires below the banner.

"In fact, overseas and Hong Kong and other places, a lot of mature estate develop business to withhold a half to control property to undertake be managemented for a long time. " Qiao Hua of Zhong Cheng group sells Shang Xiaodan of central general manager to express, group of prospective Zhong Cheng will be wholesale increase dimensions of hold of high grade property.

Renown capital 3 period will all hold

The high-end residence property that renown capital fills a group to be developed in Shanghai ancient north for intermediate, its first phase is in on after 90 time end builds the century, it is residence of the high end on Shanghai all the time. 2 period at the open quotation at the beginning of 2006, but only little part sells external in 1000 flatlet source, undertake for the most part luxurious after decorating, extended hold rents external.

"Renown capital 2 period rental rate had achieved 80% above. " Shang Xiaodan discloses, at present 2 chummage gold is renown capital basically 2000 dollars / month, 3 chummage gold is in 2200-2500 dollar / month, the client that rent is basic the high-level administrator that is 500 strong companies of world, renown capital can say the internationalization community that is a be worthy of the name.

This year the beginning of the year of next year of the end of the year, renown capital 3 period will start working construction, at present this development plot has entered the preparative phase of construction early days. Shang Xiaodan discloses, 3 period also will develop on 1000 residences, at the appointed time this part property manages all and extended hold.

"Even if sells the market to maintain so hot posture all the time, the group also won't take an examination of Lv general name capital 3 period turn and develop carry out. " Shang Xiaodan expresses, renown capital 3 period development manages strategy develop politic connection to be together with company future, can not decide according to selling the stand or fall of the market this one project is to hire is carry out.
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