Food group is about to march in commerce is landed

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Although in food group marchs commerce is landed, in food group not the front gives out answer, but according to " times of an ancient name for China " be in know from personage of know the inside story, in food group is probable tear apart residential real estate and commercial real estate, at present the framework of group branch is adjusted had finished, by in responsible commerce real estate runs grain buy course of study.

Buy commerce to just begin

Grain real estate announced 2007 year to match a manual at 8 days in, collect capital 1.3 billion yuan, with the development that adds construction of the house below project and banner newly at buying. And in matching a manual, disclose, the still nearly 1 million make the same score rice development of real estate of the grain in remaining to load and reserve land area.

"Infuse of will high grade asset ' in grain is landed ' appear on the market this company, it is the customary practice of landed enterprise, match a share of group of the food in purchasing this business of real estate of high grade residence is medium only the first pace of infuse of food group assets, still can have landed project next in succession infuse. " Yang Xingfeng of limited company analyst says adviser of day photograph investment.

According to should appearing on the market the company is in before the information that in matching a collect endowment, discloses: Match this buy basically use assets of business of house of share of group of the food in buying, do not involve the project of commercial real estate of the group. Analytic personage points out, this is stated probable it is medium food group wants to tear apart residential real estate and commercial real estate.

Actually, what food group division falls in is medium limited company of investment of grain buy trade already opened up endowment nearly 100 bought trade of world of project of Beijing Xidan MALL, Tianjin early or late more center and be located in Beijing Chao Qing board piece " Xiyatu " project.

Reporter with respect to this one message to in the understanding when food group property invests a concerned personage to beg card arrives, buy these 3 projects to just begin, group of the food in future still will buy more in countrywide each district such project. "But detailed cannot say, it is commercial secret. It is commercial secret..

In fact, borrow housing from 2005 " deep Bao Heng " will medium after grain real estate appears on the market, ning Gaoning should march with respect to plan group commerce is landed. By last year, ning Gaoning ever was alluded to media, group of the food in future is potential with in grain square is core, bale commercial real estate appear on the market.

Establish property to invest a ministry

"Food group ever showed the project of commerce of form a complete set of a few residences that does besides the place when developing the residence in, the company is short-term won't do large trade the development of integrated project and buy the job, but the strategy that this does not represent group of the food in future. " Yang Xingfeng says.
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