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"Before two months, have buy the home at a draught Pearl River new city among them the floor of whole nearly 1200 square metre of an office building was bought. " mention that sheet " foudroyant " trade, immense forest billows returns the client manager that the place in Guangzhou produces office building ministry some are in heaven. Pearl River new city is so-called Guangzhou CBD, gathered the high grade office building of a batch of new development. Past half an year comes, forest here make it many " large sheet " .

DTZ wears the research data that company of Guangzhou of heart bridge travel announces to also make clear, this year 2 quarters office building of this city first class is overall induct a quantity to go up to 130 thousand square metre greatly, than last year the fourth quarter broke up one time.

But fervent prices backside, also have " interest empty news " : Afore-mentioned data show at the same time, office building of 2 quarters first class is added newly supply about two hundred and fifteen thousand six hundred square metre, exceeded last year annual supply, and predict this year annual, guangzhou is new the summation that the office building area that roll out is equivalent to going 8 years. Not long ago, courtyard of Chinese company division (build ministry and main finance orgnaization to write jointly) " 2007 estate blue book " point out, did not come to Guangzhou two years office building of many new development appears on the market centrally, be afraid can bring again new round superfluous.

Supply soar before pushing headroom buy to lead 10 years " Xiong Fu " shadow emersion?

"Office building of Guangzhou of this paragraph of time is digested quickly, very main reason is of overseas financing enter. " company of Guangzhou of DTZ Dai Deliang travel studies Li Qingwen of advisory department director says. He thinks this trend is in early had appeared last year, just behave this year more outstanding just.

Wait for photograph comparing with the Beijing of city of congeneric a gleam of, Shanghai, at present Guangzhou office building all valence still is in mostly every square metre 10 thousand go up to 20 thousand yuan of inferior levels between (and Beijing Shanghai office building all valence breaks through every square metre already 20 thousand yuan) Li Qingwen believes, go two years in, guangzhou office building rises in price extent not under the high-grade residence inside the urban district, investor people saw its appreciate apparently foreground and active skill.

Occupy DTZ Dai Deliang to predict all right, the Guangzhou when the end of the year will share 2 million square metre to put quantity office building this year, this puts the highest peak that measures value of office building statistic to come to Guangzhou 10 years.

If press normal time average every quarter is inducted (sell or rent) the speed computation of 65 thousand square metre, digest the time that these office building need nearly 8 years. Although be calculated with the 130 thousand square metre with 2 record-breaking this year quarters, digest entirely also need 4 years.
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