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Business affairs answer is fit it is office building, hotel, commerce, citizen the be in harmony such as square is an organic whole, come true thereby resource is used and benefit is the greatest the mode that change. Be in Shanghai, center of the annulus in oasis will again confirm the success of mode of this one intensive.

· of the annulus in be located in grows center of the annulus in the oasis of area of core of wind business affairs, rolled out floor area to even more on April 26 the business affairs Ⅰ of 300 thousand square metre period -- nave, only 2 many months are changed nearly 90% , achieve the new record that office building of line of the link in Shanghai sells. As a result of the intense self-identity of the market, give into numerous requirement, be about to roll out business affairs Ⅱ period upgrades edition, will push product of complete function office building to new height at the appointed time, for the enterprise development offers better choice.

Business affairs Ⅱ period -- complete function office building: Be about to roll out

"As business affairs Ⅰ period sells come to an end, we discover, the client that comes round to enquire small area does fair product is added gradually much, the business affairs form a complete set that many clients are developing us to mature namely and those who come. " center of the annulus in oasis expresses, of a few big companies buy behavior, the choice that is vast enterprise added confidence.

Be about to the business affairs of face city Ⅱ period is to grow model the enterprise measures a body to have something made to order: The whole conference center of 1500 square metre, those who carry square metre of the business affairs of 9.6 5 stars class of rice are big tall, 60-200 (floor area) Davis of structure of office of economic business affairs, the first peace and tranquility offers property management advisory service. Let an enterprise share the form a complete set of office building of a few first class and level of hotel of fast star class and service.

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