SOHO China hangs out his shingle formally in Hong Kong today appear on the marke

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On October 8 morning 10:00, SOHO China combines bourse in Hong Kong advocate board hang out his shingle formally appear on the market, share number is 410 (HK.0410) , every price 8.3 HK dollar. Up to this afternoon 4:00 closing quotation, share price goes up to 9.52 HK dollar, with this computation, SOHO China total market prise achieves 47.8 billion HK dollar, laopan's social status also is entered very quickly " club of one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight plute " .

Place is handed in to appear on the market in couplet of SOHO China Hong Kong ceremonially, the landed married couple of this pair of industry take delight in talking about

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