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Beforehand wantonly of make public " fierce fight " did not happen as scheduled. Trade in Guangzhou land on September 29 afternoon in central hall, merely after number annulus lifts a card, the commercial plot with the largest scale of so-called Guangzhou throughout history, by rich power real estate (2777.HK) with add up to Jing Taifu (1813.HK) together with 4.6 billion yuan in relaxed income bursa.

"We collected bargain! " the spot the say sth unthinkingly of Liu Yi of assistant of president of rich power real estate that supervise operation. Compare to it, xin Hongji is landed (0016.HK) acting limited company carries out trustee Su Zhongjiang " this land is better, the price that pats is reasonable also " make known one's position, listen go up more like diplomatic language appropriate to occasion. The harbor that this one's early years ever folded city of halberd Guangzhou building endowment big alligator, the near future is spent in Guangzhou north outskirt once more the area takes below one place but the giant house project that floor area exceeds 700 thousand square metre. Nevertheless, what came on stage together that day with the auction is accrete achieve exhibit (0754.HK) , Baolide is produced (600048) like waiting, it is symbolistic nick only rich force and close scene, carelessly withdraw troops.

The data shows, this one plot is located in village of heart of hunt of new city of Guangzhou CBD Pearl River, cover an area of 114 thousand square metre, total floor area 568 thousand square metre, program use is commerce, finance, office and hotel, base price of sell one's own things 3.86 billion yuan, clinch a deal actually every square metre makes an appointment with floor price 8100 yuan. Another ground of record of price of sell one's own things of plot of business of Pearl River new city is achieved before two months, floor price every square metre 11900 yuan.

Before sell one's own things of plot of hunt heart village, local industry ever bold and conjectural competition will be very intense, sale total prices may be close to 7 billion yuan, namely floor price breaks through every square metre 12000 yuan, become Guangzhou's new commercial land king. But the result lets a person be surprised however.

Nevertheless, the biggest landed agent adds up to Guangzhou rich brilliant (0733.HK) when chief analyst Li Wenjiang beforehand accepts a reporter to interview, disclose namely, the to this plot reaction on the market actually not very enthusiastic, sale price is possible very won't tall. He thinks commercial real estate pays attention to person energy of life and commercial atmosphere, at present person of Pearl River new city enrages insufficient flourishing, want to form integral commerce atmosphere to still need time. Liceng holds the position of director of research center of information of bureau of Guangzhou city land for a long time, as close as official concern terribly.

And price of this plot contest applies for to end eve, official of bureau of Guangzhou city land ever showed to our newspaper reporter " the government is increasing the strength that persuades the job " , the meaning below character, it seems that the enterprise that intentional contest pats does not imagine like the outside so eagerly.
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