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Case 1:

The company of Mr Chen is in city building edifice, lease was about to expire this year. Because the company grows need, want to change an office building, mr Chen began to begin to look for new office building last year. At that time the hire of Mr Chen company is 87 yuan / square metre / month, in the time that does not arrive one year, mr Chen did not find appropriate office building all the time, and city building edifice also rose 110 yuan / square metre / month, other office building also is in like Ren abundant edifice, Weiduoli 110, 120 yuan / square metre / month. Of hire rise quickly how is letting Mr Chen do not know this good.

Case 2:

A few years ago, the company of Miss Li still is in Dong Huan edifice, because Dong Huan edifice belongs to residential building hire, begin from 2005 so, for the development of the company, miss Li been searchinging appropriate office building. Because company scale is not large, miss Li wants to look for an administration fee to be in 10 yuan at that time / square metre / month, hire is in 65 yuan / square metre / lunar unit. In nearly two years, saw a lot of office building, either because administration fee is too tall,be hire tall and abandon. Miss Li planned to hire office building in north of the Milky way last year, hire is in 70 yuan / square metre / still feel or so months expensive, go to 85 yuan to go up now / square metre / month, very helpless but still hire fell.

Comment on: The example above is absent a few, very general in office building market. Will tell office building market from whole market point of view from 2006, rise in the time that was less than a year 2007 very fast, hire of office building month of Heibei resembling a day is monovalent from 75 yuan / square metre growth reachs 85 yuan / square metre, total value rises panel height to amount to 7.5% , have some of letter in Lou Panru, owner raises hire rise it is to be as high as 30% to control more.

Although in recent years and other places of road of north of Pearl River new city, the Milky way, east wind is new devoted office building exceeds 40000 square metre, and at present the empty buy rate of office building exceeds 40% . But have dish of source scale to consider to discover according to all-round victory, top class the empty buy rate of the office building that exceeds first class office building or new friend building is top amount to 62% , because these office building units hire price tall and get desolate. But the month hires valence to be in 40, 100 yuan / square metre / the first class office building of lunar less than and second class office building suffer as a result of price advantage chase after hold in both hands, rent very close spruce.

Sweet clew: Might as well office building of class of much consideration second

The personage analyses major of all-round victory office building, when the office building that rent, can consider second class office building more. Although second class office building is handing in management of facilities of a condition, office, form a complete set,wait for hardware establishment respect to inferior a bit first class office building, but because its hire metallographic,low many sided can satisfy much to unit of low, small area, in-house configuration and overhead expenses the demand of major client. And of office building hire a guest to also be boss of a few small business more, they wait for a respect to lose quite as a result of capital actual strength and enterprise dimensions, control defray to reduce cost, relatively inferior to hire and administration fee small family demand is bigger, ask commonly 100, the office building that 200 square metre, administration fee controls in 10 yuan. Second class office building can satisfy such demand.
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