City of building of Dongping of drawing of actual strength land agent

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Arrive from old the city zone south the city, arrive again Dong Pingxin city, limits of central building city is ceaseless and patulous, and the development of Dong Pingxin city is in without confine not only buddhist city, happy from, serve as oneself height with the height of center of Fosan town new city however, because this Dongping is new,the development of every industry is reflecting the city the urban image of Fosan. Real estate regards what at present town of Dong Pingxin city builds as the biggest draw, already had the real estate that enrol business, rich power real estate at present the big alligator such as ground of buy of group, triumphant heart is in deploy of Dong Pingxin city, high-grade residence everywhere is visible, city of Dong Pingxin a tower over a city gate develops normal traction of actual strength land agent.

The investment inside 5 years makes an appointment with 4.3 billion yuan of development to build one river two sides

Real estate develops, program start off before the others. The comes on stage to will attract numerous land agent arrival of new program of every high level. Basis 2006 " along the line of bank of Fosan city Dong Pinghe north plans with the ground " program, river two sides will build Dongping to have high-grade hotel of class of uptown, star, bank the landscape such as river park takes bank water new the city zone; Government of buddhist the city zone was announced 2006, 4.3 billion yuan will be made an appointment with to develop construction in the investment inside 5 years one river two sides, among them head period the road that invests about 1.15 billion yuan of perfect two sides and municipal construction. Dongping is at present new city high speed develops ahead, program blue print is preliminary already show, business of a volume, finance, culture, recreation, office, inhabit an organic whole, business stays in an area in the center of the prospective city that reflects the characteristic austral mountain be vividly portrayed.

Actual strength develops new city of business focusing Dongping

At present Dong Pingxin city already collected Jiang Long landed, east build real estate of group, seascape, Cade the buy ground, real estate that enrol business and new the numerous actual strength such as the group of rich power real estate that join develops business, high-grade product is in Dong Pingxin city blossom everywhere, residential circle atmosphere is increasingly grumous. Because collected numerous actual strength to develop business, ping Xincheng is called again east of Fosan " Pearl River new city " , new city of its and Guangzhou Pearl River has the place of a few likeness:

1, landed project all develops company development by large estate, new city of Guangzhou Pearl River has accrete achieve exhibit group, rich force is landed group, medium the sea real estate, real estate that protect benefit, buddha Shandong Ping Xincheng has rich power real estate the group, real estate that enrol business, east build group, Cade buy ground and other places produces big alligator
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