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Came to Shanghai this turn circuit, experience deeper. The false prosperity of building city, shanghai compares Beijing, shenzhen more very. Although at present Shanghai still is maintained,be in everyday more than 1000 clinch a deal, but already was exhausted condition all is shown, all over the face gaunt.

See Shanghai first secondhand room. Daily economy press: Golden week Shanghai is secondhand the fatigued and weak expression of room market, make the personage inside partial course of study right secondhand in October the room clinchs a deal hold see empty manner. " daily economy news " learn from real estate of Shanghai Central Plains yesterday, compare with photograph of last in September a week, the near future is secondhand the room clinchs a deal quantity, belt sees a quantity all different level glides, fall be as high as 4 to become above. Place produces a personage to think in, with compared in September, secondhand in October the room clinchs a deal the quantity will glide 10%-15% , clinch a deal the price keeps balance.

Will see a messages that pull a relation forcedly with estate again: Deputy warden of Shanghai Pudong new developed area (main hall class) Kang Huijun person " the warden that fry a room " because violate discipline badly, this month 4 days by Shanghai discipline appoint announce " dual regulation " . 8 days, standing committee of National People's Congress of Pudong new developed area absolves his deputy warden post. According to " finance and economics " the magazine learns, of Kang Huijun " the behavior that violate discipline " with its jobbery buys low room, undersell is earned take price difference to concern. The house property that its involve adds up to 24, among them 8 had sold, gain profit amount to more than yuan 1600. Message personage says, what involve room source to be more " a person of extraordinary powers curtilage " one class, among them 16 are in its wife Wang Mou under one's name, 8 are in health under one's name.

This message is opposite from the back the influence of building city cannot be looked down upon more, it lets common people see the real look that fries the home clear. The blow of an impetus huge fries the home, onrush of agreeable of city of building of keep within limits is sure as easy as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, clean up dust. And before this, shenzhen is all the commercial bank dares of building city risk big, pause already secondhand the room is borrowed, raise the 2nd flatlet head pay, it is the biff of by the waist to frying the home more. Magnificent Beijing is borrowed in the room new politics hind, it is to carry out a the fastest city, according to the report: "According to Beijing statistic bureau newest statistic data shows, this year 1 to in August, beijing commodity house shows room and area of period room sale to continue to show downtrend, show a room to sell 2.969 million square metre, period room sells 9.348 million square metre, compare respectively the corresponding period dropped last year 35.2% with 10.5% . " pine of Yo of gold of vise general manager of company of broker of estate of Beijing catenary home told Chinese economy times the reporter recently. Change according to Beijing hair appoint statistical data, beijing built commodity house price to rise compared to the same period in August 13.5% , secondhand the room rises compared to the same period 10.6% , continued to maintain faster rise. Clinch a deal the abidance of the fall of the quantity and price rises, show at present the front is facing Beijing to shrink the situation that the volume is swelled for nothing. See from this, city of Chinese a gleam of fries the home in violent blow, city of building of main keep within limits is congenial. The sort of mad situation that queues up to buy a building, had seen rarely, acting and those who rise is one depreciates sound. It is the right courtyard of different law court that Shenzhen fries bubbling with noisely first, buy 3 rooms to send 100 thousand, buy two rooms to send 80 thousand, as the first piece of domino that pushs Shenzhen house price, removing favorable demonstrative effect, performance is the most outstanding is early days acclaims exceeding a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, some has dropped go 30% above, some is dropping in merciless shade. An area or a city, should have a building only dish begin to drop, the effect that produces is tremendous.
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