High end is praedial the golden age of investment

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In recent years, external to the limit of one's capacity, attract foreign capital considerably, already became capital and even whole nation each treatment of big city high end is praedial the consistent manner that invests a domain. Beautiful banner bank is bought two office building regard annulus square as headquarters is in Beijing on the west, from consider planning to buy a negotiation to finish used time of half an year only, this shows the vigorous effort that the government is driving capital attraction respect from a flank. Although began a country to be promulgated in succession from July " 171 files " , " 50 article " the regulation of the investment outside waiting for a series of limitation conditions, but in fact these " outside be restricted, make " the purpose that come on stage is to depend on market of better normative China estate order and trade behavior, in other words, the overseas investment orgnaization that invests redound for a long time to have sth in mind, "Outside be restricted, make " the better investment risk that reduced its to be in China, can make its increase investment then. Accordingly, will be sure to orgnaization of more and large overseas investment gathers the look the capital henceforth, the high grade high end that runs oneself actively to value is praedial project.

And review 2007 capital market of top class office building, the area is accumulating ZhongGuanCun on the west accumulate wear to be about to surmount CBD and financial market the powerful momentum of area of core of two big business, become quickly thereby cast the travel, fund, focus that with each big company pays close attention to domestic and internationally. Financial center first phase rectifies carry out to give new east the school, medium steel group, 3 period full carry out gives Kaibinsiji the hotel; Edifice of science and technology of garden of Tsinghua science and technology has two alone the building is bought by whole; A of edifice of century division trade be bought by group of Great Wall computer is whole; Edifice of capital science and technology is bought some coal transportation enterprises is whole by Shanxi; Brilliant times edifice is bought half times by Chinese electric power; Great river village encloseds ground for growing trees (forum resembles book door model the news between example) office building is bought half times by big constant science and technology... up to now, the sale rate of this area office building already achieved enough to turn up one's nose at 50% of the capital! The area is in ZhongGuanCun on the west heavy ask a price of talent strategy and industrial strategic is worth by more and more large company place acknowledge and accept, actual strength is driving possessory undertake high end praedial extended hold has come with management times.

ZhongGuanCun on the west area east remove white Yi Lu, colour and lane road come on the west, north arrives north 4 annulus, the street austral Haidian town is touched south, always cover an area of a face to accumulate 51.44 hectare, be " area of garden of ZhongGuanCun science and technology " the substantial in the program, also be Beijing " 15 " the priority discipline that area of garden of the science and technology in the program builds, included among them " center of high-tech business affairs " , " talent communication center " , " capital market center " , " business management is decision-making center " , " property right product trades center " , be known as the area of core business affairs of ZhongGuanCun and even whole Haidian area. Academy of Asia of Microsoft of together with near future already garrisoned ZhongGuanCun on the west area 17, 19 ground, more the area added ZhongGuanCun on the west rich and generous intangible assets and brand are add value, also make numerous high end praedial investor is taken issued a sth capable of comforting sb.
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