The 2nd high-rise will be in Pearl River new city rings down the curtain

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A few days ago, total construction will achieve 303 meters benefit to connect square break earth highly. Invest introduction of limited company controller according to developing business Guangdong benefit to connect buy course of study, besides having breathtaking building height, benefit connects square is according to internationalization the standard builds square of modern omnibus office building, still have a design tall, fixed position is advanced a few large dominant positions, one of mark sex buildings of Guangzhou city new CBD become hopeful after its build.

As we have learned, benefit connects square to be located at new city of Guangzhou city Pearl River nave, cover an area of an area to make an appointment with 10 thousand square metre, floor area makes an appointment with 161 thousand square metre, the height on the ground 302.7 meters, predicting construction time limit for a project is 4 years. This project is one faces the world to cross state-owend enterprise course of study to design, exceed first class office building according to what at present mainstream standard builds international, total investment will exceed 1.6 billion yuan, predict will 2010 before Guangzhou Asia Game finishing. Benefit connects the more than 300 meters floor height after square complete, this one height will is next to the tower becomes Pearl River new city on the west the 2nd high-rise, and what make a person notice especially is, benefit connects first old hall height to will achieve 37.8 meters, huge space is experienced to the vision of interior design and people will bring huge impact, the measure concept of so old hall is in building of global freeboard layer is at present medium still belong to initiate.

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