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The office building market this year does not calm undoubtedly. Greenbelt square comes on stage above all, edifice of peak of size of one of road of center of Nanjing international banking, Pearl River, gold seal top building in succession, mean huge reserve amount. The reporter investigates discovery, market of office building of the high end in the city is overall beg for be more than, competition is intense. According to Nanjing estate data, end on September 18 afternoon at 6 o'clock, office of whole this year town clinchs a deal with room accumulative total the area is 225651.62 square metre, can make work the area still has 708575.2 square metre, it is to clinch a deal of the area 3 times much. Among them, drum-tower, Xuan Wu, Jiang Ning 3 areas part with 320095.24 square metre, 142142.89 square metre, 103984.23 square metre, rank can make work before the area 3.

In office building competition jumps over the pattern with intense hasten to fall, each office building also adjusts sale strategy in succession. The reporter discovers in interview, a string of 1000 cash before whole used sale already was broken up to sell gradually replace. A variety of phenomena make clear, market of small family office building becomes the new trend of investment gradually in.

Target of 2007 office building group all split up apparently with the price

"Office building of such-and-such high end is entire sale " , a few years ago, such statement sees constantly pass at Lou Panxuan in, the bully gas with indication uncommon office building. But at this late hour, the building of a few whole sales dish put forward to break up a sale sadly, every unit can be combined freely, the area has 40 already, 60 square metre, 60, of 80 square metre " confuse you " scriptorium, also sheet covers an area the large family that 200 square metre control, take aim the look to small and medium sized business, typical building Pan Yourui China edifice of discuss official business of international of stage of edifice, dragon, Tian Xingcui Lang, Jiangsu, they are special be to be aimed at the 4th acting CEO, those who point to is to do poineering work independently grow model enterprise, company dimensions is lesser, but actual strength is abundant. Be aimed at this kind of fixed position, these covering model go on the design slant alley line, among them the smallest set model have 30 much square metre.

Business of development of a batch of office building turns do " landlord "

Resale is the dragon world center that is located in mouth of subway of Pearl River road this year hire, reservation is whole building was made " landlord " . Resembling such circumstance is not individual, office building market is besides occurrence resale hire, outside hiring the symptom that carry out develops simultaneously, some famous projects may choose to rent and rather than is sold directly even. If heart resale is the Long Shizhong of Pearl River road,hire, of Shanxi road hire carry out to develop simultaneously with peaceful edifice. In the size of Pearl River one on dragon world center, advocate the building has sealed a top, development business makes known his position not clearly to make work or be hired up to now. But OK and affirmative is, development business is certain won't will advocate the building takes pair of export to make work easily.
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