Logical sequence of 10 thousand president Feng does not advocate a government "

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Yesterday, feng Lun of 10 thousand landed president is in landed celebrity to sign up for forum of sponsorred building city high level to go up tonight, in speak of " effect of Beijing ferry twin city and the new chance that estate develops " when, suddenly locution turns, point out in building city low fan adjust period object a government " save " building city. The hope government that honored guest of part of this make peace conveys moves " save city " , avoid building city to drop considerably form bright contrast. He tells a reporter to say, everybody is at present taller and taller to the expectation of real-estate industry, requirement, his enterprise also enters " introspection " seasonal. Exclamation when everybody when the market goes a problem, he thinks to want to correct understanding of a few one-sided sexes, the market that should use structural sex namely considers to replace the research of gross. For example, have those trade but the uptown departure that does not pass the market comes, a few economy are for instance applicable room. He says: "Final we can see, this part goes to the residence after all bottom and development business have how old relation. "   he thinks, do the fractionize on the structure in fact, 4 kinds of demand will prop up the residential market of estate future, the first tear open change sex demand namely, the 2nd kind is the rigid demand of natural generation, conjugal demand, if divorce rate is high,also be a demand. The 3rd kind of demand is perfective demand. The 4th kind is investment and agreeable demand. Will look commonly, GDP of average per capita is controlled in 4000 U.S. dollors when, demand of the sex that tear open change and perfective the demand of the dominant that demand is a market in fact, and 4000 U.S. dollors arrive phase of 8000 U.S. dollors, invest speculation demand to occupy very large amount. Arrived 8000 U.S. dollors, perfective demand and normally the demand that tear open change basically was solved, remain rigid demand only in fact, this share requirement is passed by the government again two be restricted room, economy is applicable the room is separate one part, break away from trade normally the market. Why is this namely the main reason that suddenly house sells Shenzhen not to go out. Feng Lun still takes him from ridicule: A lot of land agent that included him inside in the past always are imagined " spend the New Year every day, nocturnal night marries " wedding day, but the fact should tell everybody, the market of any health, as the change that economy grows, average house demand has very big cut. The level that economy grows is different, the focusing dot of the central product of estate market and demand can produce change. Our country has 60 thousand landed company, 80% do the residence, develop change as economy so, product center is transferred, company of quite a few can be washed out. He thinks present development business should have a serious self-examination, must mix prosperous thinking namely the thinking union of flat, crisis rises. Hainan ever appeared estate bubble, hainan has company of 20 thousand estate at that time, close down in succession later. And the enterprise that grows as prosperous period, be about to have the thinking that turns over cycle particularly, want to arrange oneself enterprise with periodic consciousness, a lot of ground are not bought when flourishing for example. He does not advocate the government saves city, say: "Do not hope to develop business a way of escape to us, do not need to rescue this enterprise in loan respect. Enterprise should ' contend for a future ' , is not ' seek a way of escape ' . Alleged ' contend for a future ' , drive the reform that estate commercializes namely, enlarge estate especially of the residence commercialize limits, the development in estate market, standard and competitive order build active support government respect much put in time and energy. "   Feng Lun expresses finally, should not appeal loan of real-estate industry untie a person currently, and should appeal the government is bigger, deeper, vaster the ground opens estate market. Let all of 25 years old of teacher, officeholder, youths be bought according to his ability certainly commercialize housing to perhaps rent appropriate housing. 25 years old of people that can not afford a room should not call a poor, and the life that should make struggle just begins, if arrived 55 years old to retire,still be low income, at that time the government offers safeguard room to will solve his living problem.

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