Shi Jianxun: Building city drops the government ought not to be saved

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According to " Guangzhou daily " right a few days ago Beijing, Shanghai, spic, deep 4 ground in all the random investigation that 917 citizens undertake shows, of 72% suffer the person that visit low still to building town hope fan; Additionally nearly 6 think into the people floor price has not fallen to reasonable level, house price should be adjusted by the market, the government should be not interfered too much. In fact, eye anteroom price is exorbitant still, ordinary common people is remained hope the room is promoted sigh. This has become the anxiety of administration and common people. Seventeen big report will " live to be resided somewhat " with learn to teach somewhat, fatigue has earning, disease somewhat cure, old be raised somewhat and label accelerate it is important to advance the society that attachs most importance to a dot with improving the people's livelihood to build target. Adopt more significant step to rectify estate market order, put an end to government-owned businessman collusion, the market action of normative estate company, compress the sudden huge profits of estate company further, restraining house price to rise quickly is to be mixed currently a period is various henceforth formidable task of the government, it is to carry out fulfil seventeen great mind, pay close attention to the people's livelihood, specific action that improves the people's livelihood, it is the concrete step that compose builds harmonious society to should be adopted. The last few years, a list of names posted up of plute of a list of names posted up on annual and numerous land agent, the respect that the policy such as revenue of the economic management that explained our country has estate to develop system, country, finance is worth to improve is very much still, the task that shows market of estate of governmental adjusting control is very formidable still, structure of economy of demonstrative our country and national income allocate unreasonable, also from explained house price still has on the other hand very big drop space. Long-term since exorbitant to the asset value such as house price problem, we are to did not resemble be aimed at CPI exorbitant, the branch of special adjusting control of similar Central Bank undertakes management and adjusting control, 2 it is step of stronger without specific aim special adjusting control. Director estate develops the branch of construction, often put the key in real estate " development, development " go up, those who stand in development business to ponder over a problem at the same time is much, and endanger common people " live to be resided somewhat " what issue of house price government thinks is little. This perhaps is to bring about a few years to come house price all the time refuse to come down, and jump over the reason with taller adjusting control. Want to let the management department that house price falls without sincerity, did not restrain the significant step of house price, how can house price come down, how differ go up again? At present city of building of a few places drops is a meddlesome affection to common people. In the light of at present the building city of a few places drops, the government need not be saved, also ought not to save, and ordinary to be being used at what live oneself common people, lv of national take an examination takes out some of money to come from finance allowance or derate its part interest, in order to realize common people " live to be resided somewhat " target of the people's livelihood, in the meantime, the bank banking venture that slow down is borrowed as a result of the room and also can arise. Want vigilance currently the minority that develops business to use building city breaks a few estate to save city for case coercion government, in order to safeguard its the plot of profit of high specified number. (The author is economy of the university that be the same as aid and professor of courtyard of tubal a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties)

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