Shang Yinquan: Estate develops the confused logic of business

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There just was adjustment evidence in building city, the impetus in a way that house price rises somewhat assuasive at the moment, the capital claims that even if " do not build a room to the poor " estate business, be unable to bear loneliness, come out to publish his viewpoint again. This estate business the form with rich guest, published a very long stuff on July 31, the caption that network editor makes to this article is " Ko development business also cans not afford a house " , the article leaves piece lead building city and Communist Party namely " hit cropland of local tyrant, cent " connection rises. Here, the author illuminates the collection is textual a few: "The catchword that hits cropland of local tyrant, cent ever gave generation person the dream, propping up generation person's altruistic dedication, not hesitate to exchange the success of this one target with life, this generation person thinks the wealthy person that eliminated China, captured with the barrel of a gun the belongings of wealthy person, undertake allocation on average fairly to the poor, can make all Chinese poors rich rise, became wealthy person. "   article says, "Rely on to eliminate wealthy person and cannot let a poor become rich merely it is thus clear that, the end of change of ability of the order of nature that has market economy only and rich relation " . Price of building city, house, in nowadays society, tell from firm sense, do not have direct correlation with politics. If must say to be concerned with politics cannot, also be it belongs to problem of the people's livelihood, with situation of the Political Bureau, society stability has indirect impact, it is to be in office party and governmental consolidate are obstinate politics an economy cornerstone of the position. Regard development as business, care house price rises drop, expect building city is strong, this is very regular job, accord with normal logistic thinking. If develop business to be adjusted for counteractive building city, the view that object house price dropping and publishs a few pairs of policy, also belong to normal limits, it is a businessman to safeguard the normal behavior of oneself business interest, not exceed what is proper. We also go to dinkum economic phenomenon innocently political pull, want to say each manage each only, each do each things, let the market develop according to the rule can. But, become this " do not build a room to the poor namely " the behavior that develops business to tall, people asks the government pays close attention to and dispose of house price abnormal to control house price appropriately, with when hitting photograph of cropland of local tyrant, cent to compare, we think, this exceeded the discussion limits of economic problem, the original intention of reforming and opening of China of down to of market of house price, estate, do ulterly changedly, be done extremely confusedly. Combine this person to be published in last few years " do not build a room to the poor namely " wait opinion on public affairs a moment, the author is deep and anxious is, current Chinese estate market is not a pure economic category really, the development business that obtains rich and generous interest from estate market (perhaps saying is " individual development business " ) , in its enough of private capital fund resists below the premise of storm, had begun intervening politics, had begun to shake with public opinion party and government " be in office for civilian " concept, with " market economy " (not be us what say " socialist market economy " ) the concept comes promiscuous seeing and hearing. They unscramble reforming and opening with dangerous pattern, with the people revolution that the advantage of liberal economy denies the Communist Party is led, the cold language that hits cropland of local tyrant, cent with scoff at is sarcastic the great mind that shares reform achievement about all people. This is a kind of phenomenon that is worth vigilance.

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