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Not long ago, in the report that association of Chinese real estate is referring the general office central, the State Council and relevant ministries and commissions, elaborated systematically in the light of current estate the relevant proposal of pressing issue. But vice-chairman of association of Chinese real estate holds secretary-general Zhu Zhong concurrently to express, hoping simple ground says the proposal to stable estate market is " save city " . The reporter understands, last year the corresponding period, just when countrywide house price is mad,go up when, the room cooperates with in appearance to in the center of handed over about " stable house price " report. After this country comes on stage " the 2nd flatlet is borrowed " policy and this report are having immediate impact. Chinese estate signs up for: To this year first half of the year the moving circumstance of estate market, what problem needs to pay close attention to mainly? Zhu Zhong one: It is price of partial town house exorbitant, with broad the disbursement of the person that buy a room ability does not suit; 2 it is sale drops apparently, the market lasts low fan, will bring about estate investment to drop; 3 it is financing channel stricture, catenary of estate development capital contracts further, the likelihood makes a few projects that developing are afterwards hard; 4 it is estate in developing financing source, foreign capital amplitude is faster, safe to finance possibility arises an influence. Chinese estate signs up for: Fundamental key of center of second half of the year is to maintain estate market stability. Look in you, what is stable standard? Zhu Zhong one: It is distinction what change is expectation of place of macroscopical adjusting control, what should be on guard? 2 it is health of judgement estate market, should state with the target of macroscopical adjusting control consistent, namely estate market gross is basic basic and reasonable, price stabilizes balance, structure basically, suit with economic society progress of place, as harmonious as relevant industry posture, and cannot with a few months in year are certain last year local house price and sale rise considerably for the standard, because there are a lot of not rational elements in those days. 3 it is estate market cannot rise to fall greatly greatly, it is to should prevent to fall greatly currently. Chinese estate signs up for: Do you serve as to what didn't room look forward to come He Jian is discussed? Zhu Zhong one: Room look forward to wants base oneself upon to show administrative plan, consider future. Want consider the situation, combine current condition to consider to develop target and development strategy. Whether do breed of the development district that should consider to be decided formerly, development and development rhythm need timely adjust. Want to strengthen cost accounting and financial management, strengthen capital especially the management that cash flows.

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