Li Yaozhi: Is Shenzhen secondhand is the room cleared already clinch a deal bubb

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The foundation is current the market clinchs a deal in light of the quantity, whole July town is secondhand the room clinchs a deal gross is made an appointment with with on the month keeps balance, overall and character, the market still is in cool period, predict short-term inside the market won't appear too big fluctuant. The market clinchs a deal this year weaker, an among them reason is to do not have market interest good news to come on stage all the time, environment of building city whole did not improve. This month the United States second borrow the crisis to ferment continuously, two rooms crisis pounds market confidence again, one's early years loosens the consequence of credit to affecting the market stage by stage, what can foreknow is, although this second market spends the ground,the quantity clinchs a deal low ebb period, the market that its cause is turbulent still will last. If still be this second estate market is adjusted regard onefold domestic demand as the word of the problem, be afraid the real trend that holds the market hard. In globalization today, the independent character of the market had been changed infirmly greatly, estate market of home has the character that consumes half investment partly, the input of outside capital and investment demand are the assurance that the market grows all the time to the assimilation of the product, also as a result of before several years global money is loosened, brought about the rise in value of fixed assets price that sweeps across the whole world on one round. The estate market of Shenzhen benefits a lot in this process, but also accumulated particular risk at the same time. The adjustment that begins from last year had solved the problem that partial market exists, the price got correction, clinch a deal substantially fall after a rise, but adjustment aftereffect still is affecting the market, in light of combinative macroeconomic situation, the element that will not may affect the market is more, the change of international banking policy will naturally bring corresponding pressure to home, appreciate gradually as the RMB reach the designated position, the danger of the backtrack that heat up money also can be increased, the environment that such estate markets are faced with will more complex. Current, each just lower pair of markets to clinch a deal appropriately the expectation that the quantity restores, turn and face market dimensions directly contractible, market trades the reality that measures atrophy. Secondhand of the building low can last for some time into reassign, but clinch a deal the bubble composition in the quantity had gotten comparative keeping clear of thoroughly. Accordingly, future clinchs a deal the possibility that the quantity continues to glide is not large also.

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