Wang Shi: "10 thousand families already had done worst plan "

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"What the situation of second half of the year may imagine than us is more serious, had done worst plan for this 10 thousand divisions. " yesterday, what hold in Hong Kong is medium on newspaper news briefing, earnest the earth's surface shows Wang Shi of chairman of board of directors of 10 thousand divisions, although area of financing of 10 thousand divisions is at present dovisher, but will still reduce house price further, increase small family scale, reduce speed of complete of start working area, slow down, control to take ground area. In the meantime, in view of at present situation, won't be in temporarily harbor financing. Area of financing of   of Wang Shi still although dovisher   is handing in place greatly to appear on the market, but because have,issue B, 10 thousand divisions all release outstanding achievement in Hong Kong up to now since 1993. And to what release yesterday first half of the year outstanding achievement, wang Shi is undoubted relatively self-confident. He emphasizes, the financing area of 10 thousand divisions still dovisher, it is in the person of the same trade outstanding. Inside report period, business income of 10 thousand families and net gain part to reach 2.06 billion yuan for 16.25 billion yuan about, relatively the corresponding period rose respectively last year 50.702% reach 23.056% . Period inside settle accounts area and settle accounts income mix 16.02 billion yuan for 2.081 million square metre respectively, relatively the corresponding period grew last year 69.7% with 57.1% . Prop up in afore-mentioned data below, its are clean indebted rate is able to maintain inferior level, for 37.1% , compare only year end rose last year a percent. And rise to this, wang Wenjin explains chief inspector of finance affairs of 10 thousand families, because metaphase is imprest,be money grow in quantity have not the cause of settle accounts. In addition, up to period end, cash of hold of 10 thousand divisions 15.37 billion yuan, with the corresponding period kept balance last year. To hearsay of near future outside financing of 10 thousand divisions is tight, 2 quarters money award buckles employee of as a result hair 50% , and in Dongguan Xiang Hongyuan group borrows money 470.4 million yuan view, wang Shi gives denounce. He explains, the land sell one's own things before Dongguan of 10 thousand divisions just makes over partial equity square, because this obtains capital, be not debt. And employee stake buckles hair criterion to belong to a rumor. Nevertheless, although period inside every accrual relatively the corresponding period grew 20.65% last year, for 0.187 HK dollar, as last year, board of directors of 10 thousand divisions still decides not to distribute metaphase dividend. Apparent, hope of 10 thousand divisions retains as far as possible cash. King stone calm bear, the situation of second half of the year nots allow hopeful, for this cash of grow in quantity, reduce cost, li Yudong is cold. Do worst plan to adjust hibernate   actually, as the person that puts forward house price inflection point the earliest to talk, compare with photograph of person of the same trade, wang Shi has preparation early to this landed winter. Be in Guangdong, 10 thousand divisions also are to take the lead in initiating depreciate the land agent that protects a quantity. It is reported, follow to was compared last year in October, its share building dish depreciate extent is as high as 50% even, fall small criterion 10% to 30% differ. And to next house price goes situation, wang Shi expresses, continueing to drop is not character is axiomatic. And, he is analysed, rise in price as oil, the inflationary rate of second half of the year will be higher, grand attune may be more thorough, what the circumstance compares an imagination probably is more serious. To this, 10 thousand divisions did worst plan. How to answer? To this, 10 thousand divisions carry out vice-president to was like Li to do the introduction. Second half of the year, the start working area of 10 thousand divisions will reduce 6.83 million square metre by the 8.48 million square metre of original plan, decrease 19.5% . In the meantime, complete area also will reduce 5.86 million square metre from the 6.89 million square metre of original plan, decrease 14.9% . To taking the ground, 10 thousand divisions will be more careful, cost of can mature limit and limit profit. And, xiao Li expresses, adjust in view of current market still will last thorough, do not eliminate afore-mentioned plans to be able to be done adjust further. Specific to the house, besides price of small house of can farther attune, wang Shi expresses, small family continue to increase than regular meeting. It is reported, last year small family 39% what occupy 10 thousand divisions to sell an area, occupy first half of the year this year 46% . Abandon valence to protect a quantity or be outlet     " take the ground, rapid development, quick sale quickly " it is 10 thousand divisions all the time distinctive ace sells mode, but this year the depression as a result of the sale, speed of whole capital steam again somewhat backwater. The data that Shen Yinmo country offers shows, from each district of 10 thousand divisions push dish of quantity to look, june push dish of quantity to did not appear to pick up apparently, slightly under in May. Guangzhou basically put a quantity to give priority to with digesting in June, sell speed as before general; Shenzhen pushs the 5th garden newly of 8 areas and city of 10 thousand divisions new dish the autograph makes an appointment with speed to be close to 40% . Push dish of quantity and sale speed put delay, mirrorred after backwater of policy of price sales promotion, building of share of 10 thousand divisions dish price advantage already disappeared stage by stage, bring the pressure of short-term sale speed from this. Want hibernate, store grain, in the sale growth pressure falls, 10 thousand divisions meeting financing? "Want to be in Hong Kong of course financing, but now won't, because too difficult. " Wang Shi says frankly, do not value current financing environment. This also is the general situation of eye anteroom land agent, best outlet still may abandon valence to protect a quantity. Round be in harmony of illicit collect orgnaization invests executive trustee Ran Lan to point out, estate is accumulation of a capital industry not only, more excessive depend on a country the industry of macroscopical policy. Once tighten up moneybag,this decided a country, estate business can call pain ending. Accordingly, fall from tight situation in current money, estate business also is found hard particularly good idea saves oneself or obtain come to help, abandoning valence to protect a quantity also is an outlet. Wang Yi of analyst of Gao Hua negotiable securities also thinks, in June the sale status of 10 thousand divisions is the most fatigued and weak month in 2 quarters, new that month project lacks partial ascribe. In future if a few months buy a room person confidence does not appear to anabiosis strong, development business must be passed possibly more depreciate substantially will contend for sales volume.

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