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Be an official of manage of world nation the Kingdom of Wei releases yesterday " market of Asian office building reports " show, this year first quarter, of Shanghai office building add newly supply all is achieved with the quantity that rent piece new tall.

" market of Asian office building reports " in in 16 covers cities, include the financial center office building such as Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore empty buy rate is successive 4 quarters are maintained in 5% the following, and add supply newly inside 2008 will still photograph of very finite; is compared under, the Shanghai of chinese mainland, Beijing, Guangzhou is added newly supply relatively abundant.

The report says, market of Shanghai office building continued to rise as before trend, 2008 first quarter add newly supply all is achieved with the quantity that rent piece new tall, 7 office office building increased the supply of 325 thousand square metre to the market in all. Because be served course of study and manufacturing industry the drive of a large number of demand, active hired business to alleviate beforehand the influence of supply increase sharply.

Be in Beijing, office building hire growth range is reduced first quarter to 1.4% , average rent is a RMB 200 yuan / square metre / month.

Be in Guangzhou, the office building that office building market increased about 240 thousand square metre first quarter was supplied 2008, make rate of integral empty buy is achieved 19.4% .

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