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Investor is more prudent to structure of off shore property right near future stock market rises and fall errant

Although administration is further to estate market 2007 macroscopical adjusting control, 2008 Chinese building city continues first quarter strong. Be an official of manage of world nation the Kingdom of Wei announced recently " Chinese estate market 2008 research reports first quarter " show, as a result of the enterprise crossing a country of main city and large and indigenous industry ceaseless augment is mixed upgrade, of high quality add newly supply by induct very quickly.

Although investor must is opposite structure of off shore property right is more careful, but property investment market still maintains health. However, develop business people act is careful, numerous development business is based on near future stock market rise and fall, defer its are in chinese mainland and Hong Kong appear on the market process.

The research of be an official of manage of world nation the Kingdom of Wei reports report goes out, 2008 first quarter, the demand of office building market of main city maintains China north area driving, except Qingdao market hire small drop 0.2% outside, the average rent of Beijing, Tianjin and Dalian all rises small. Suffer add newly affect for the project, the rate of average sky buy of Beijing, Dalian and Qingdao begins to rise, because Tianjin did not add a project newly, rate of market empty place falls to 15.2% .

Beijing because this quarter is high grade of commercial property add newly supply be located in sub trade group, drive the market average rent is smaller first quarter than going up fall 0.2% , and the hire of Tianjin, Qingdao and Dalian still maintains rise. The empty buy of property of high grade commerce leads comparative Beijing and Tianjin continue to drop, the level of empty buy rate of Qingdao and Dalian parts than going up the quarter rose 0.2 reach 0.1 percent.

Beijing high-grade residence is in after experiencing the rapid growth 2007, the average quoted price of this quarter dropped first quarter than going up 3.4% , and the price of Tianjin, Dalian and Qingdao has small rise smoothly still.

Be in Hua Dong area, the office building of Shanghai and Nanjing supplies to the limit of one's capacity. Outside dividing Ning Bo at the same time, the office building hire of other and main city all is shown rise situation, among them Hangzhou and Nanjing are go up quickly raise. Because residential market is in a tradition off-season, and suffer market whole low the influence that confuses atmosphere, each city sale clinchs a deal all relatively delicate. Although house price adds fast hasten delay, but did not give now to drop trend. Additional, each are main high grade business spreads the city hire Ben Jijun appears rise, among them Hangzhou head layer and 2 hire rise considerably respectively 9.5% with 7.7% . Add newly supply insecurity, this season all does not have each city to add retail property newly to enter city.
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