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This year first quarter, of many Asian cities in market of high-grade office building continues to present a posture that supplies insecurity, hire bullish pressure also continues from this. But, the Chinese inland that is paid close attention to city of 3 big a gleam of -- Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, under photograph comparing add newly supply relatively abundant, tensity of market supply and demand puts delay somewhat.

The newest statistic that comes from Wei Lishi of nation of world of orgnaization of adviser of the property that cross a country shows, in the 16 Asias city that its study first quarter, the empty buy rate of many office building markets is successive 4 quarters above is maintained in 5% the following.

"Although global economy foreground is put in more and more not certain factors, but because believe the expression of Asian economy will exceed the United States and Europe, the enterprise still is in in Asian most area continuously enlarge is hired, commercial foreground as before hopeful. " the analyst expresses.

And in Chinese inland, market of Shanghai office building continued to rise as before first quarter trend, add newly supply all is achieved with the quantity that rent piece new tall, project of 7 office building added the supply of about 330 thousand square metre for the market in all, but because be served course of study and manufacturing industry the drive of a large number of demand, active hired business to alleviate beforehand the influence of supply increase sharply.

Be in Beijing, first class office building rents business puts delay relatively first quarter, and those who make an appointment with 350 thousand square metre is new add supply to make rate of market empty place promoted 1.8 percent, achieve 17.9% , hire growth range is reduced to 1.4% , average rent is a RMB 200 yuan / square metre / month. Be in Guangzhou, office building market increased the office building of about 240 thousand square metre to supply first quarter, make rate of integral empty buy is achieved 19.4% .

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