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Through buying the careful research of case to rectifying we discover not hard, the ground mark building of an area is the first selection object that is rectified to buy by enterprise or orgnaization for certain, because of ground mark the building has apparent area not only advantage, the outward appearance is distinctive, hardware establishment is advanced and the test of withstand time, software serves character to be able to win the client's favour, more important is the position that it regards area as core and the belt to whole area economy move action.

For instance, the country that 80 time build in Beijing trade edifice, it is at that time of Chang'an Street new tall, attract enterprise of numerous foreign capital to enter at the same time halt among them, promote the formation of atmosphere of area of business affairs of Beijing the eastpart part not only, also be driven and affected the development that whole CBD business encircles, up-to-date still developing economy of its area core to drive action. The edifice of Pudong Jin Mao that for instance 90 time end builds in Shanghai, besides have Chinese first height, tower form exterior reflected the building configuration with the most typical east, the application of new technology makes its become one of intelligent buildings of lowest of global specific power consumption, reflected the perfect union that builds culture and modern science and technology. The occurrence change of Jin Mao edifice the appearance of Pudong, drive the development of whole Pudong economy. Beijing Oriental square depends on its system capacity and distinctive outward appearance to become Beijing quickly new one of 8 scene. In the meantime, it introduces the new-style consumption concept of advanced international management experience and shopping centers, get of broad businessman and tenement chase after hold in both hands, make old appearance changes shopping centre of well of king government office new colour. However, they already became the history gradually. The development change quickly of new century culture, science and technology, the meaning of synthesis of ground mark building is ceaseless also by refresh. Times development is expecting what the newly mark that matchs to it builds synthesis to appear.

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