Lake scene zoology is pure write square of Tian Zhengguo border 9500 yuan / smoo

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Adopy Tian Zhenghu bank honorable blood relationship, present as leading role " bosomy north " high end handles official bussiness

Square of Tian Zhengguo border is Nanjing city in day of famous and high-grade compound property the office part of lakeside, adopy is worn Tian Zhenghu bank consistent high-quality goods concept, make in office property on same continuance day the high-end fixed position of lakeside, more its are in " bosomy north " infuse of wealthy person area brand-new vigor and connotation.

Heilongjiang road of central road & , the static ease space inside CBD

Square of Tian Zhengguo border, proximate Nanjing railway station, station, be apart from station of driveway of subway new model to walk only 5 minutes, more overall control accuses resource of business affairs of circumjacent and big high end, commerce, accomplish property of CBD core pure office, straighter face Nanjing is the most important at the same time one of urban landscape are black Wu Hu, 8 buildings above but scene of intuitionistic black Wu Hu. More introduce multinomial zoology to do to axiom reads aloud and be deployed. Implementation rich business affairs deploys optimization, the harmony that accomplishs nature and business affairs is accrete, make Nanjing's banner zoology office property.

Pure office building of zoology of scene of central road lake, precede urban organisms' habits handles official bussiness in the round

Tian Zhengguo establishs a face to use wall of luxurious glass act to configure outside border square, use the high-grade LOW-E hollow glass of 6 9A 6 entirely, the setting carries Gaohaohuadatang, elevator of 7 OTIS high-grade business affairs. Have 40 meters wide greenbelt more, accomplish zoology office example. 164, 1977 smooth rice business affairs are feudal, the rate that get a room is as high as 75% , can break up combination freely more. In the meantime, shenzhen protects one of companies of China's earliest pipe of professional other people benefit property offers whole journey content to be in charge of a service for square of Tian Zhengguo border.

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