Office building jumps over high end to make money more

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The idea that “ lays in a quantity to measure a landed enterprise to develop foreground with land already very vulgar. Want so much ground to do what? I should have the most high grade ground in a city only enough. ” yesterday morning, in eleventh on forum of Shanghai international commerce, chen Qizong of president of constant grand real estate expresses to the reporter so. This with humorous, biting, strong and famed Hong Kong person of door of control of constant grand group, think the development trend of commercial real estate is more and more high-grade necessarily, collect by right of harbor onlySquare, constant grand square 2Be in commercial real estate, heng Long closed in Shanghai last year hire be as high as 670 million HK dollar.

I want “ only best ground ”

Current, constant grand real estate is in ground of a few extremelying He Tu to lay in, holdEye only harbor collects square and constant grand square 2Place. With Hong Kong photograph of person of the same trade is compared, no matter be land reserve,constant grand real estate is in Shanghai, still be hold project, come from the amount say do not prevail. The idea that “ measures a landed enterprise to develop foreground with land reserve capacity is very vulgar, land agent relies on to encircle ground seek to develop is very clumsy way actually. ” Chen Qizong expresses when accepting morning paper reporter to interview, does “ want so much land to do what? I want 9 best ground in a city only enough, ground of Heng Long touchs others the value of 10 ground. ”

Chen Qizong expresses, constant grand real estate is being bought is rather go without than have something shoddy-put quality before quantity all the time on the ground. In every city, it is best a few land appreciates forever the fastest, and grand all along hires constant not to sell only, with build a sale photograph of capital of fast steam again is compared, hire only do not sell light of this kind of mode to rely on to rent steam again capital too endless, the rapid appreciation that takes land itself value seriously more will make up for. In 2007-2008 of constant grand real estate year in report of metaphase outstanding achievement, the ” of “ ground king that appeared last year to Shanghai, Chengdu, chen Qizong describes the manner that takes the ground to high price with ” of “ be left speechless with wonder or fear, express, will hold the partial Hongkong's trader that suspects a manner to outback business for years, after to grab land already cast all apprehension to the head, especially the Chengdu commerce that 9 dragon storehouse takes 7.2 billion yuan is landed, its price exceeded Heng Long to include Shanghai inside the price total that all two land that are in a project inside purchase place to pay.

“ is current, heng Long has project of many commerce real estate inside to invest, wait for a city in Shenyang, Tianjin, Jinan for example, what Heng Longna arrives is best commercial plot, the surveyor's pole of also is these cities commercial real estate that strive makes. ” Chen Qizong tells a reporter.
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