Office building jumps over high end to make money more

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High-end commerce is landed more make money

The commerce with successful “ is landed, must have 4 element: Top class a sector of an area, excellent commerce design, fine architecture, advanced management. ” Chen Qizong tells a reporter, although project of real estate of very much to home trade is located in high grade a sector of an area, not successful however, because big landlord itself does not know the core that commercial real estate manages,want just about justice, “ commerce real estate is not the industry of high-tech, however the industry of tall experience. Big him landlord does not understand, relying on to invite famous stylist or seek advice from a company is otiose, if these stylist know commercial real estate really, they won't be betrayed here mental. One's words of ” Chen Qizong is sharp, hit the nail on the head however.

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