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Be about to defeat the first tall record of Chinese " Shanghai center " edifice project is doing each preparation to realize the start working inside year.

By Shanghai environment science the academy releases before " opinion of influence of environment of project of Shanghai center edifice is public show " already caused market attention, and besides enter annulus to judge a program, the reporter develops limited company to understand from construction of Shanghai center edifice, the plan builds architectural of layer of 580 meters of freeboard " Shanghai center " the program must be examined and approve through municipal government, but design plan at present still not final make a final decision.

The ground is common show information, "Shanghai center " the omnibus edifice that becomes construction the function such as market office, hotel, commerce to be an organic whole. The project is in plot to ever was used as field of exercise of golf of land home mouth, the land with at present full already lease is called in already, 380 thousand square metre, building makes an appointment with the floor area since vertical stroke to amount to 580 meters highly on the land that future makes an appointment with 30 thousand square metre this " Shanghai center " .

About personage introduction, "Shanghai center " the announcement of first time public that already finished annulus to judge, after the investigation that undertakes environmental current situation and public opinion, annulus judges an orgnaization to be able to issue an environment to affect transaction, undertake public announcement the 2nd times, till pass environmental protection,director branch is examined and approve. As to particular program, its express to had not decided, and the approval that should obtain municipal government is rear can announce.

What people of it is reported worries quite is the problem such as the air pollution that freeboard layer building may cause, smooth pollution. "Freeboard layer builds main to environmental influence body to show to wait for a respect in traffic, environment, zoology, noise, actually traffic influence is the biggest, because build layer of a freeboard to build, be equivalent to building a small town almost, so the traffic pressure that brings to place after project building is very big. Consider air quality, sewage disposal, noise to wait even additionally, but an excellent project landscape program can make these influences are reduced. " Yi Lan (Asia) Tang Yan of chief inspector of design of program design office is red the station expresses in professional point of view, "Anyhow, build layer of a freeboard to build, should hold ' science is evaluated, flow is reasonable ' principle. "

And this year April, "Shanghai center " " dragon " and " fastigium " two designs program leads the exposure on conference of standing committee of preexistence National People's Congress, go up month of opinion that listened to delegate of National People's Congress again with respect to these two plan, but still do not have 2 choose the result of one.
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